Why I Do Everything I Can To Help Save Animals

I believe that we must focus on animal welfare, not only for public health reasons but to also preserve our own emotional, biological and spiritual well-being. I am passionate about doing as much as I can to alleviate the suffering of other animals, to protect our children and society from their pain and suffering.

This is an issue I am passionate about, an issue in which I have spent most of my adult life in the trenches. In the summer of 2012, my partner, and my three children, died in an airplane crash. I decided to start a nonprofit organization, called The Animal Alliance, as a way to honor them, their service and their sacrifice. By providing a haven for injured and sick animals in need, we hope to save many lives.

It is my hope that the Animal Alliance becomes the first step to help others avoid a tragedy like our own or to save animals from the pain and suffering that they endure.

This book contains an essay on the history of animal welfare, my current life story, and other important information for the reader, such as the facts and figures for the animal advocacy movement and the facts and figures for the animal agriculture industry, animal welfare and farm animal care.

I would like to express sincere thanks to my wife, Melissa, and my children, Matthew, Rebecca and Lauren: for your friendship, encouragement, trust, respect and constant support over many years which has kept me inspired and happy.

To those who have been supporting me and sharing this book with friends, I would like to thank you more than words can. Your books, your blogs, your websites and your Facebook groups have been a blessing for me that I cannot adequately express. I thank you both for all your love, care and support!

The Animal Alliance is dedicated to:

Ending the suffering of animals in the US meat- and dairy-producing systems by educating consumers, policy and the political system on the issue of animals on farms and in slaughterhouses .

Creating awareness and changing our lifestyles in order to ensure our mutual survival as an intelligent species.

Increasing the percentage of plant-based foods in our diets (by not using animal products at all or in very small amounts).

Increasing a compassionate animal welfare culture in the US.

In order to achieve the above goals, we must focus on these three goals:

To educate the American public on the important issue of animal welfare and how animal cruelty impacts our families and society.

To create awareness and changing our lifestyles in order to ensure our mutual survival as an intelligent species.

To create a compassionate, compassionate society with a focus on animal welfare.

In this review, I focus on the first goal, the one that we all agree we want to achieve. The purpose of educating the public is to ensure that the public is aware of the facts and figures about the animal agriculture industry and how they affect animal welfare and the lives of animals. By educating and raising awareness, we hope to change attitudes and behavior, as well as to educate the public about the ethical treatment of animals.

The second goal is to create a compassionate society with a focus on animal welfare. By creating a compassionate society and by focusing on the welfare of animals, we wish to end the cruelty that we witness on farms and in slaughterhouses so that these industries can be abolished and replaced with a vegan, cruelty-free society.

The third goal involves creating a compassionate society by promoting a compassionate culture by reducing our consumption of animal products and advocating the reduction of animal suffering. By advocating a compassionate culture, we hope to increase the percentage of plant-based foods in our diets, in order to promote a compassionate animal welfare culture.