Why I Don’t Use Lip Balm

Lip balm is too much trouble. Not only will it cause you to use more makeup, but it is bad for you, and you may not even want to use it. Lip balm comes in three main types: gel, lotions, and lip gloss, all of which have their own downsides. It makes sense for a makeup brand to go with the best of their three options.

When I began looking into lip care as a natural alternative to lip balm, I quickly learned that products that claim to address a multitude of health issues at the same time are more fiction than fact. It’s easy to see how companies would create products that are only beneficial for their own products. The real beauty of a natural product is that they have little to no side effects, which many products have for their users.

I will cover some of the most common side effects of lip balm in another article. For now, I’ll share my personal journey and my first experience using a lip balm that was designed only to make my lips look amazing.

The Benefits and How To Use Lip Balm

After reading many of the negative reviews on lip balm’s website, it seems that most of the products claim to help with:

– Redness

– Dryness/Pigmentation

– Dryness of the lips

– Puffiness

– Dryness of the skin

Although the ingredients have their own strengths, the biggest thing you can usually look out for is the ingredients in the products. If the ingredients are questionable (as I’ve stated before, you should only take lip care products with your trust), then it’s a safe bet that the products won’t work.

The most common complaints from those reviewing lip balms is that they seem to increase puffy, dry, and fragile lips. Unfortunately, I found myself in the same boat. There were so many negative reviews (even from those that were excited about the product), that I had no choice but to try out this lip balm.

The Benefit of Lip Balm

When people ask me why I didn’t use lip balm before, I answer that it just wasn’t worth the hassle. Even though the product is extremely natural, it is costly because it has to be blended into a balm by hand, making it more costly to do a few other things as well. For instance, when they start mixing the two ingredients in the balm and use a lip brush to apply it over the lips. This also makes for a softer product that you can use all over your lips.

To me, lip balm just wasn’t worth the price. I’ve never used any lip products that cost nearly as little, and I’m not even that crazy about natural lip color products. So I figured, why not give it a shot, and at least I will have my lips healthy and beautiful.

How To Use a Lip Balm

First things first: What do my lips look like now? I’ve definitely noticed a subtle change, but I can still’t compare it to the way my lips used to look before I went on this journey. When I started out in 2006 – right before the explosion of the natural lip trend – my lips were incredibly dry and puffy. It didn’t really feel right and I just didn’t care about my appearance.

After seeing those lips after going over the course of a few years (with lip primer to keep them from getting too dry), I started to notice and love my lips. My lips are more firm and more full of moisture now. The texture of my lips has changed from dry and puffy to softer and more creamy. This may sound trivial to some, but these are the kind of changes that have made a very large impact on my self-image.

There’s another benefit to using lip balm: it provides a temporary layer of moisture without your lips feeling dry. I’ve written many times about how makeup takes too long to even come off of your lips during the day.