Why I Have Never Made Time For Family Time During The Holidays

My life was not the easiest before I had to find a new job and start a family, and even after my family was here, it doesn’t always seem like it has made any difference… But I do believe that the hardest work is the work we do before we have children, and the good stuff from this experience is that I have a much more balanced view and a much better frame of mind about myself.

You are not supposed to start a family when you are trying to get ahead. Yet this is how we often do. The world seems different when we are raising a child. We live as parents and not just as independent workers and our lives are completely different. But the worst thing about being a parent is the way it interrupts your working life, and my new position means that I’m able to spend more time with my family. But in all the ways that really matter–and I hope that you’ll believe me–my current job and this new one will not give me more time with my own family. But there are three reasons you can avoid it. (One more time, as if it were necessary.) 1. Your child might become a teenager.

My son and his girlfriend were just two years apart in age, so I was lucky, I think. But it has happened to people. I was lucky that it came in response to something I did. I thought, that is impossible to imagine, what would happen if I was a couple minutes late for a meeting or if I had a bad moment in the boardroom. 2. You might become really tired from baby-raising.

The great thing about the job itself is that I get to work with people who are really great and passionate about what they do.

The only times I have felt underwhelmed by what I’m doing are the times I have felt underwhelmed by my own ability to keep up with my colleagues and my colleagues’ ability to keep up with me, and the times I have been the one who falls behind.

3. Your own life might change.

My new job might mean that I have more time to be a parent, but if my life does change, or even if it doesn’t, then I do not fear that the change will be hard. (I mean, I already got laid off a couple of times, so I probably wouldn’t have any problem with that.)

And so here is what I’m looking forward to in my new job–because it is more fulfilling than you ever could have imagined. 1. I’m going to get to work with some super-awesome people.

What I am most excited about is my new co-workers. They are smart and interesting. I know that they will do amazing work and that they are really going to push me. I won’t feel like a complete failure if I don’t make it to the top. So I am hoping that I will get the chance to make some big changes. 2. Because I will be able to write for you.

You always want to know how a writer who writes for the world’s newspapers feels. You wonder what kind of life he leads. But I will tell you. It’s very good, and so, so good. If you want to know what it must be like to write an article for the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or the London Evening Standard, think about it this way. How good is your writing?

How great is your reporting?

How good is your analysis?

How good is your writing for big stories?

That question will reveal quite a lot. So here is mine, the answer to which might well set you at ease and make you wonder whether it is a good idea to write for any of those huge newspapers. Do you really not think you could do that? I have written all the time. It’s as close as anyone in the history of journalism has come to writing for the world. I just didn’t realize how good that had to be until that moment when I was told I was no longer required to be. 3. My life will be more family-friendly.

I love my kids dearly, and even as I write this I am imagining how I could show my kids that, hey, mommy and daddy really love them and they get to have all these great experiences. 

But I haven’t been able to. And this new job will give me a chance to, once again, share those incredible moments with my children. 

And that is an incredible thing to do.