Why I Hone In My Fitness Goals

I had been going to the weights for years, but never seriously trained myself in proper form because I was worried about looking like a freak when I got older. Today I feel stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever. My goals have transformed into a lifetime of training.

When I was growing up, I never really thought about how I looked, especially when it came to fitness. I just wanted to fit in. I got into a lot of trouble in school by being “too skinny,” or the “perfect girl.” Today, as an adult, I do my best to get the body I’ve always desired — a body that is neither too skinny nor too round. But the best part about my new look has been how I feel. I used to wake up early in the morning and workout for an hour and a half, and my body would complain about how sore it was. Today I’m more productive and can train at a normal pace throughout the day — and I’m able to lift heavier or longer weights for longer periods of time. I now look my best at the gym.

Why I Hone My Fitness Goals

When it comes to creating great health habits, being aware of the habits we have or the habits we don’t and the effects thereof can always be a life-long lesson. For instance, I was never taught to eat a proper breakfast until I moved to Italy. This lesson I never forgot. So when I came back to the states with my kids, I made it a point to make sure the family ate breakfast at least five times each day. After years of doing this, the average family breakfast is about half of what the Italian family breakfast was before my move. The reason why so much time and energy goes into what we eat today isn’t because we’re trying to be health-conscious. It’s because we’ve figured out exactly what our body needs to be healthy, and then we take the steps to obtain that nutrition.

There’s a lot of articles out there about eating healthfully and learning to plan your meals, but I don’t think many of them include the importance of eating breakfast before you even leave the house. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children “eat breakfast, preferably a whole-grain and nutritious breakfast, before bed” in order to get a good night’s rest. It’s hard to learn to plan and eat when we don’t have the time. We’re often so busy that we don’t make the time to prepare the foods we’ll use for our breakfast as it should be. For me, the simplest way to feed my kids is to make a nice bowl of oatmeal. It takes them only a few minutes to make, and I’ll have a full house of hungry children to feed later in the day. When you eat a clean breakfast before you leave the house, you are the one to wake up earlier, or, if you don’t feel well enough to do that, you can just make yourself some coffee. No need to cook a large breakfast, when you can just have something to eat.

Another example is being more vocal about exercising in your kitchen. I know that not many people talk about their housework and how busy they are, but it can often mean the difference between good health and bad. If you do something every day, you become so ingrained in your habits that you don’t notice other important habits. This can also lead to being overweight. When we habitually eat at night so we don’t wake up until the sun comes up, that also eats into how much we spend on our food. And when you stop buying junk food to save on food costs, it’s not that you want to eat a healthier diet, but you’re looking for less junk.

I believe that having a routine and sticking to it (not getting sick or injured) is the biggest thing to achieve health. And when we can follow a routine that feels good to us and doesn’t cause damage, even if it’s not “in the gym,” it can make a huge difference in our lives. I don’t think the answer is training every single day all of the time, but I believe it’s important to eat well or else you’re just making excuses.