Why I Learned To Meditate

When a lot of things start happening on a plate, you just don’t want them all to end. And like the old saying goes, “The best days of my life are ahead of me. Let’s have one.” Now I know, there are some people in the world who can’t handle my kind of optimism. They just can’t get past the idea that they can’t do my life. And it’s sad but true – it’s going to take a lot more than wishful thinking to get through another year.

One year after the last time I meditated, I finally got to experience an actual Zen state and realized I had much to learn. And since I had a lot of things to learn even if I didn’t feel a change, I decided to write about it.

So, if you’re feeling discouraged right now, this post is for you. Because, in this day and age, if you don’t learn to meditate, then you’re really just out of luck.

But in any case, I decided to do it again and to write it out in details the first time. This way, as a follow-up I can tell myself this was actually a good thing that happened, but I’m also saying something to myself to help me keep going.

Let’s start of with the “why” so we can know what direction to focus on. I was in a “bad meditation mood” during the last time I tried it, but I think I would have kept going had it not been for I was feeling like an idiot as usual. The thing that kept me from giving up is that I had spent some hours in the forest and I hadn’t eaten nor slept for a couple days, which would have been a good chance to rest and refresh myself.

I got up because I heard a sound coming from my roof. The sound was coming from the sky but I couldn’t see anything out of the window from it. It was an eerie scene, with the clouds shifting as it moved. All of a sudden, a man stood on the roof top and there were other people, who had been waiting outside for over 3 hours, following him up. They had come to meet him just before, but apparently they had not done so because they came back when he was still on the roof top.

They said to him “Are you the man we came to see?” “You don’t remember me?” the man said but they did not get that answer. Instead, they were shocked by this guy who looked like a ghost: He had a strange face that looked like it had been carved into his head, his right hand was stuck with a strange weapon, and his body was covered in a thin layer of dirt. He wasn’t a man they had met before and he did not speak a word to them, as they were all staring at what he was carrying: a huge slab of wood covered in symbols with a word written on the top: “Wish.”

The word “Wish” was in white letters and it seemed to be carved right into the slab of wood he held for protection. But what was on the top of it was beyond their scope, a massive book on a shelf, filled with text with strange drawings all over it.

And there in front of them was a black silhouette dressed in a strange outfit and was staring at them. When the silhouette turned around and looked down at them, they were stunned. They couldn’t believe it. When the silhouette moved the book on the shelf was no longer there; it had been replaced by another book that was about the size of the one that was on the shelf to the sky.

The strange clothes and strange outfit of the man had the appearance of demons. It was strange for the figure in white to have white hair, but that made them wonder what was on the white hat of the man. It looked like an old hat or a mask with an old woman’s face and a weird mustache. They asked it if it was “Wish” who came to ask for them, but it wasn’t. It just made the people on the roof top uneasy, which only made the mysterious figure look even stranger.