Why I Like Walking Around Outside

I believe the world is being destroyed by a powerful group of individuals who have been denied their rightful place in the world. They are destroying culture, breaking bonds, dislocating nations, and creating wars within nations. They possess a form of destructive power that others are not capable of feeling. They have the ability to hurt and hurt well. The question is – Who is the enemy? How do we know who they are? The answer is we simply don’t know. They are powerful and will only be defeated when enough people decide they are the enemy.

We’re all a resource for the other people in this world. We take on a tremendous amount of work. We are also living, dying, and being born. So we all need to learn to care for one another and work as a team for the benefit of the whole humanity. If we don’t start acting together, everything I’ve preached so far will fall to pieces.

The second book is about survival. We don’t need to worry about how to survive today, only what to do and what not to do to survive. For example, we can make more money than we’ve made throughout history. But what do we do with it? This is where the idea of community comes to play. By sharing resources of knowledge, skills, and skills of survival and growth between family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others, we are creating a shared consciousness and a culture in order to survive and prosper.   If you look at the world around you, it is a melting pot. But what if it was a pot filled only with the best of the best? What if everyone and everyone of the world were trying their hardest to be the best person they can be? If I can be a “better” person every day, surely my parents, my siblings, friends, and everyone else on earth can do the same. For everyone’s benefit we need to share and evolve and become stronger in our shared consciousness.

A part of a good survival strategy is also being prepared, and this is where the concept of building communities comes into play. There are certain things we do in this life we shouldn’t do again. That includes getting married, having a baby, getting a tattoo, getting arrested, or getting a tattoo of an offensive symbol. But there are things we need to do in life. That include being a good, caring parent, doing some work, and learning. We’ve all been taught to have one life, but not everyone. Living in a community of individuals is how we should look at our lives. I teach my kids how to have a life. I teach my siblings how to have a life. And I teach people everywhere to have a life. A good survival strategy is to create a community that is supportive and nurturing. In order for us to live in an environment that is truly nurturing we need to create a community of others who share the same goals.

The final book is about freedom. We don’t have anything to fear, unless we have something to fear. I say nothing is free. The government can take everything from us. But we cannot live if we do not have the freedom to live. I believe freedom is being able to dream, have a life, and pursue your dreams. Freedom is living.