Why I Love My Husband

I love him because he is my best friend. Why? Because he makes me laugh and he is the first person I ever see after I fall asleep. A funny person is the reason why I love. And, it is the most important thing about me besides my body.

After a couple months of traveling through Europe and South America, traveling alone has taught me to make my own decisions. I’ve realized that I want to travel again for as long as I can and so I will be a better partner to my husband in that department. We both do the best we can, and it’s time we took back the responsibility of making the plans. Before we can do it, we have to start it. My husband is one of the best traveling partners I’ve ever had. He’s a very good friend and when needed, he’s always the one I lean on (as opposed to you).

If you were to ask anyone about me and they will say things like “you are really adventurous, you’re always taking the most extreme routes and you’re always travelling alone” or “you are such a lady”. But I have never been one of those women who talks about her past and wants to impress others. Maybe it’s because I never had anyone care after my childhood and I always liked having a quiet time (I like to think I am very independent). I just like to focus on myself instead of being the centre of attention.

I started to be more comfortable and open about my past from the very beginning and not shy about showing people all the details of my parents. I like to think I’m very honest and open minded, which is nice for my husband. We both have to be very careful with what we say, but it’s nice to hear people’s reactions when you talk about yourself.

It’s not uncommon that people will say things like “you are brave and strong, you aren’t scared of anything”. But actually, I’m a very easy prey for bullies and people can turn very quick. I’ve never been bullied and I have no problem with bullies. I was never a victim of physical violence because I can’t remember someone punching me in the face or kicking me. I have a very strong faith and believe God will always intervene to help people who need it.

This whole trip was very interesting to me because I did everything by myself and I really liked it. It was not about finding new places or learning new tips and tricks. All there was was me getting lost in my thoughts and having a wonderful time being in the midst of a completely new culture and lifestyle. I loved it more than any trip before this. I think it gave me more of myself and a clearer understanding on where my mind can go without my husband being there for me.

A common phrase for a single-gendered country like me is “there’s no such thing as female travelling alone.

So this trip I tried to be different by being the main contributor to the group. We had a wonderful group and we could find things to do every single day. I never felt as if I was being too selfish. The majority of the women in my group made plans with their husbands, as I didn’t do anything similar until I started to see a therapist.

What it has taught me is that I was supposed to be that one woman on my own journey and I have to do it on my own. My husband and I have to choose how comfortable we are with each other and work as a team on our long distance trip. The trip was great, but it wasn’t without its challenges. The stress of the trip has been very difficult to handle.

Most people would think that solo travel is boring and uncomfortable. I’ve never been one for walking all around the country, listening to music, or seeing the scenery. These things have always been interesting to me, but now I’ve experienced it by myself, it’s a whole different story. And it wasn’t anything different but just different. I learned to focus on my thoughts and my feelings and it made me a happier person.