Why I Love The Little Things In Life

It’s not all about the big “big things” in life. Sometimes you can create little wonders in your lives and get those little wonder back in return.  I think we can all get to know the small moments. Sometimes it takes a little time in order to realize the beauty of something and how it can be used to build a new reality all together.

I learned how to have fun in a way that made me happy – by doing something I love. Since I’m the author of the famous weight-loss recipe book (and its upcoming sequel!) I thought I would share with you the secrets to having a good time in your life.

How Do You Have Fun?

1. You’re not alone! I used to try to be a comedian when I was in college. I started a few shows in college and a year later I was touring all over the country. Then I realized I needed to relax a little bit and be myself. I had no audience and no one to perform for.  I took three years off the road, learned to love music, and started coaching young singers to be successful. I never had that same sense of excitement, but the next time I did it felt a lot different.

It can be very frustrating having someone you care about and love as much as you can not be a part of you. I love having my family around, and it’s frustrating at times when I want them to be around all the time. Then we’re in the same household and sometimes I want to tell them something and what I say becomes an idea and we might not have a good time. I’m not saying my wife and I don’t have fun anymore.  I know it feels a little like we’re living a fairy tale, but we are happier than we ever imagined.

I do now have a good time with it all, though. What you don’t experience is your wife not being around with you, and she’s the best person for that. So, what can you do to put all that in motion?

2. It’s not about you . As a comedian and performer, I get to experience so much and learn so much about myself from being in front of thousands of people at the comedy clubs I go to. All of the energy and joy I am getting as a performer and comedian is being reflected back at me from my audience. Even when they are on the edge of their seat, they are laughing out loud, cheering me on or getting me to do just the right response.

That feeling can also be felt with friends. You don’t have to be in a show and be performing for an audience. Your friends can be in a room talking to each other. There’s a magic in being one of a kind and being an entertaining storyteller.

The same thing goes for going out with friends and doing something new. It does not have to be a big event or even an event of any size. It could be a single night you go out or do something completely unique. You might go to a bar and try something new on your own so you can learn about all the delicious stuff that’s in it besides coffee. You can even start with just a single thing you want from someone or something that you would like. I have found that I can create my own little magic with nothing more than a notebook, a pen and some ideas.

It’s about learning something different. It’s about becoming a better friend, a better lover, a better father, a better man. It’s about creating a new life all together, in the small things in your life.

3. You can make yourself happy. For some reason that is a feeling we get very few other times in a lifetime. For some it may come and go, but for most of us it is constant.