Why I Love To Do Yoga

It’s a natural human movement, and it has made me an unstoppable force in bed. This post will show you how to train for a yoga-based sex life by taking a look at what makes a good yogi. Also, I’ve made a few changes to the yoga poses to make this work as a relationship tool for couples.

Whether you’re new to it or a seasoned pro, good sex is one of life’s greatest gifts. The relationship-building benefits that go along with sex are myriad, but it’s the connection that results through those physical experiences that truly makes the difference. So, to kick off 2013, I’ve compiled some of the top yoga positions, along with how they can be turned into a sex strategy for your daily commute to work. Also covered is a few tips for making sex more effortless, along with some meditation techniques to take the pain out when you’re trying to stay focussed.

Yoga in the City

A yoga instructor would be hard-pressed to tell you that a quick yoga session can get you into your daily routine. However, it’s also true that doing yoga daily can make you a more attentive and responsive person in bed. When I started practicing yoga a couple of years ago, I knew it would be good for my sex life, and in fact, it has been.  Having had my sex life up and running for close to two years now, I have to say that I have come to know yoga on a deeper level in relation to my sex life.  I hope they both help you to live a happier, healthier life as well.

For starters, I used to do a lot of deadlifts and high-rep upper-body exercises to keep my spine healthy and straight.  But then I started focusing on more advanced poses, and a better quality of my sex life.  I’d say the combination of advanced poses and regular dead-lifting helped my love-making.  I know that in my experience people who do lots of upper body exercises during their careers are generally happier in bed, which is why I tend to prefer workouts to sex.  But, as I said before, I’m no guru. So, I’m not sure if you’d also need to do some squats to train for a good sex life or you want to know exactly what poses you should be doing on a daily basis to get the most out of your love-making.  If you’d like to try yoga for some of those poses, I’ll be giving some tips below.

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The Yoga in the City routine

How I Make Sex Feel Better

1. Focus on the Tantric Attunement Ritual – It’s what I’ve been doing in my classes for the last two years and it’s really helped my sex life.  I start by sitting upright with my hands on my thighs, and I focus on my breathing and my breath.  I ask for some time alone to focus intently on my breathing while focusing on my thoughts for just one minute.  After the meditation, I return to my normal postures.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Body

– I really think the “arm-play” pose of the Crossed Swords pose is going to feel much different than the way I usually do it during my yoga routine.  It’s because I don’t have my arm on top of my body while I hold it in the pose.  Rather, as I start my yoga postures, I start with my elbows pointing inward and, when comfortable, I allow my hand on the top of my body (it’s actually a “hand-held wrist stick”) to hang by my side with my arm sticking straight to the sky.  The reason this is different from the “arm-play” pose I usually do is that it allows me to feel and concentrate more on the touch of my body and my emotions.