Why I Love To Eat Organic Food

You may have seen some of my food videos. They have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. I believe that eating organic food is one of the best ways to make ourselves healthy.

This video is my answer to the question “Why should I eat organic foods?” After all, organic foods can be produced in the most natural and environmentally-friendly way. Why buy from companies that use pesticides or herbicides? Why use pesticides if you don’t need them? And why buy food from a corporation if you’re not allowed to tell them what’s in your food? If you’re going to eat organic food, then it’s worth the time and effort of learning how and where to buy it. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Here’s a list of places that I recommend:

The Environmental Working Group, one of the foremost environmental organizations in the United States Environmental Protection Agency Organic certification (a certification that shows a farmer who grows organic crops uses sustainable and responsible practices) Whole Foods Market Buy local, buy local in your health (if you want to learn more about where you eat and learn about local foods) Buy in bulk buy in bulk Whole Foods Market – if you’re worried about GMO, organic labels and whether genetically modified organisms are actually in your food, you can buy those at their organic and all-natural markets, as long as you read the labels.

What’s a diet for someone who is not a health freak? The most important thing that you can do to help your body and your mind will always be to eat healthier. Eating healthy means having a varied and nutritious diet that includes fresh, whole, organic food.

We also want to ensure that those of us who believe in healthy eating are able to provide the tools and information that you need. For those of you who would like to eat the way that the majority of us do, we have something for you.

There are several guides available to help you eat from that are not so much about how to eat, but more about how to get a handle of what it feels like to eat well. Here’s a list of some of the top guides currently available:

1. It Starts with a Daily Menu Plan by Chris Kresser – This is a great guide that you can use to create your very own “daily menu.” Your daily menu should include a wide variety of foods from different categories (e.g., low-fat, low-calorie, high vitamin variety). All the major food groups and micronutrients are tracked with a food log to help you track your progress. It has excellent information in general, and it gives plenty of step-by-step instructions for how to get your daily intake to match your goals. This is my go-to. 2. The Eat Stop Eat Plan by Mark Mattson – One of my favorite guides as long as it’s not filled with ads. It gives you the step-by-step information about how to be efficient and consistent in your diet. I believe this is one of the most important tools we’ll ever have to help us lose weight. 3. Diet: The Beginner’s Guide to Staying Slim by Dr. Jeffrey Gordon – This is a great guide to get you started. It’s written by Dr. Gordon, who, like me, has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. He’s also one of the foremost nutrition experts out there. The whole goal of this guide is to give you enough information to make sense of many of the concepts that we’re taught in nutrition programs and textbooks. It’s very thorough and takes time. 4. FatBurner: The Guide to Healthy Fat, Insulin and Weight Loss for Regular Folks by Dr. Frank Lipman – This guide is an in-depth look at how to burn fat. It has many different types of information that are very easy to understand. It also has recommendations for what kinds of foods to eat and what kinds to avoid. 5. How to Lose Weight by Dr. Robert Lustig – This is another great diet guide. This also has a very thorough amount of information, all backed up with science. You can learn about specific foods or food groups you should avoid and what kinds of foods to eat. I’m including it in my food guide list because it is very practical and easy to follow. 6. The 5:2 Diet by Jack Norris – Another great book that I highly recommend if you want to lose weight fast, or lose weight without cheating. It does have a high amount of science and evidence, but it isn’t overly-long. You can read it in just a few minutes, and it’s still going to be very useful over a long period. 7. Eat This, Not That . . . by Dr. John McDougall – This one is very easy to read and easy to understand.