Why I Practice Yoga

To get in touch with my inner sense of flow; to release feelings of tension, pain, frustration, and self-hatred; and to feel in harmony with my partner and my inner Self.

I’ve been in yoga for about a year, and I’ve seen that I become more focused and have a greater ability to control my breathing. I’ve felt my life becoming more balanced, in terms of money and health, and I’ve started having more energy. I can also look at the past with clarity and a deeper understanding of how I have responded to it.

When I start a new day, I am in a state of deep relaxation and concentration. At the top of my head, I can see a light. It is a very intense feeling. It feels as if something that you thought was unchangeable is being changed or overcome. Sometimes this is a physical transformation, for instance, my hair is thicker, I have more skin and my body feels more youthful. I don’t feel as tired or fatigued as I did the previous day, and I am more able to stay awake at night. I experience a profound sense of joy during this time…

To have a positive attitude is like having a lot of money – it gives you power. If you look at a person who has a lot of money, he thinks he is so special and important that there is nothing he can’t do. He will never do anything wrong, and he will always be surrounded by a bunch of people who are happy for him. If you do not have a lot of money, then you often feel as though you have no control over your circumstances. You live by fear, and you have no confidence that you will ever feel that success again. People do not understand how hard it is to go through something like that in life. If you lose your job for some reason and you are struggling to make ends meet and you think your life is over, you don’t know how to react. You always try to blame the job loss, but you do not realize that your job loss is caused by your own fault. This is a lesson that yogis learn early on in their practice. You feel that if you get out of this situation, you will be stronger. If you do not get out of this situation, you will never get out of it, no matter what happens.

In all human interaction, it is important to stay in the moment. Everything is about the moment. You don’t really think about what you are going to do tomorrow. When you watch how other people interact, you see that they talk about the future, and they have to plan out the next day, or the day after that. When you stay in the moment, you remain in your inner wisdom. You know that your actions will affect you in some way, but it is not important to think so much about the future. You just have to make an effort to be in your inner world and make use of your creativity and your intuition.

My practice of yoga has improved my mind and my emotions over time. I feel more in control, and my health and wellness have been improved over the years.

When I practice yoga, my stress has drastically decreased, as have my pain levels and my stress. When I practice yoga, my focus and concentration is more than my everyday life. I can work on anything in my practice. I can think, write, or do even more. Whenever I have time to think, I have a great sense of calm. I don’t do much thinking in my normal life, but I can think in this state of concentration, which helps me to concentrate more efficiently in my daily life…

I feel much more comfortable than my usual yoga class.