Why I Quit Smoking

I quit smoking because I wanted it to be clear to everyone what yoga really is. No one should have to choose between their health and their careers. This is about much more than fitness… it’s about love…

It’s about being yourself. Being yourself is the key to health and happiness. And in today’s society, being yourself can be extremely difficult. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone when someone in your life is struggling with illness or an eating disorder. This lifestyle choice for me was about becoming my own version of a healthy person, and not just any healthy person. By quitting smoking, I have started to make a lot of changes in my life. I have lost over 100 pounds and have put on muscle mass, developed a much firmer voice, lost all of my acne, and stopped using tobacco. The biggest change for me was that I had no more excuses. When I’m faced with life-threatening illness, or when I’m going through a bad breakup or trying to make a tough decision, I really want other people to be able to see me for who I am. What’s interesting is that many of the changes in my body also affected how I was willing to make myself vulnerable and express myself–how I wanted to appear. By quitting smoking at such an early age, I have gained my confidence in who I am and what I was willing to show.

I think it’s a lot safer for people who love how you look to not smoke and to be honest–they will be more than happy to support you in your fitness goals. If you are an older smoker with a partner who is trying to support you and support your goals, you both will greatly benefit from giving up smoking and choosing to be your whole self… rather than letting others know who you are. It’s important for all of us to find the life that we’re interested in, whether it is in dancing or politics or exercise…. whether you’re a student or a career guy or a stay at home mom… whatever… it’s important for us all to find that life.

I quit smoking because I was able to see it for what it was–a very personal decision, not a universal right or a political right, but one that is very personal and personal choices that I made without having to justify it to anyone. I was able to let go of a choice that caused pain for myself and for so many others for so many years, and instead make a personal decision out of pure self- love. I want to thank my friends, family, my ex-girlfriend, my mother and my aunt for supporting me–and especially my mom.

It’s never too late; all it takes is a little will power. Let go of the fear that other people cannot understand the pain of quitting smoking and make one of your own. You are better than you thought. If you don’t give up now, you really don’t have a future.

I quit smoking because I’ve finally found a community of people who understand that I am just a normal person…a person who was put here on this Earth to have fun and live a life of joy and happiness. And I decided that I don’t ever want to do that anymore. I will not smoke anymore. I have realized that there is no one else who will understand me except for me. Maybe I’ve lost a lot of friends, but most of my friends have quit smoking (which really just makes me feel better because I have to share this important information with them). This is something that a lot of people still take for granted, so it is important to realize how special it is. I’m now ready to be me and not worry about others judging me, just enjoy what makes me happy and have the courage to live my life the way I want to.

It’s been a little over a month since I quit smoking for health reasons. I’m glad I finally did it. It was tough to quit smoking so late and on a budget. I was doing so much yoga before stopping, but it took a toll on my body. I felt the health implications for about a month or so, after which I couldn’t even stand up properly. After I finally quit, I felt good. I felt happy. So when I finally smoked again, I was so much worse off–the first time I smoked in a week made me miserable. No one, not my ex-girlfriend, not everyone, no one who knows me will ever understand this decision I made to quit.