Why I Started A New Physical Training Program With My Teenager

I know you’re going to say, “but you just said you’ll be on YouTube.” Stop right now and listen to the way this statement feels to all of you. Now look in what I’m actually saying: “I can’t let you off the hook and you gotta do what you want to do.”

Because I can no longer hide behind the excuse of my age, my youth and the way I look, I know that the only way I’m ever going to grow is to be more active. I need to start getting out to the gym and training with a passion.

Intro 2: But first, we need to get you into a situation for running that is comfortable and safe. I have a small town in the mountains where running is impossible, so I need you to work with me. We’ll spend our time outdoors and we don’t need much.

Intro 3: Running helps build strength, endurance, flexibility and flexibility can help you get in shape. These things are so important to you.

Intro 4: Running is a great way to connect with nature, learn about yourself and to be able to make friends, which is something that you really need.

Intro 5: You can also connect with people through running. I know that a lot of people are going to say, “But running’s boring.” But that’s not true. You can connect with people in ways that are more powerful than you ever thought possible.

Intro 6: I need you to work out on your own schedule as well. But you’re very active. You must be active at least 3 days per week. It doesn’t have to be in the morning. It can be on the second or last run.

Intro 7: I want you to find a group of people willing to help you run and they aren’t going to be judgmental. You don’t want your friends complaining about you. Be nice to them.

Intro 8: Be a runner first and foremost. So I want you to find a running group that meets regularly. We could do the whole thing out of town, but we need you close enough to your home so our time has the same quality.

Intro 9: Just follow rules. You can get away with breaking them more often, but make sure your training is consistent.

Here we go. That’s exactly how I feel. Now I’m going to be honest with you. This stuff may seem like an extreme way of motivating you, but I’ve seen many of you struggle with the same things and I’m going to go right to the basics:

You have to know you’re capable. You’re too weak to do this yourself. You need a coach to get you going.

The important thing here is: I know you are going to lose friends due to your training. I know that they are going to be disappointed. But make sure they’re not hurting because of you.

I know that you’ll become more and more frustrated and that just makes me more committed to getting you through it. I’m not going to let them.

Do the work. You must complete this by your 18th birthday. I know that can’t be easy, but it’s essential.

If you’re still here, I will be your coach and I will be there with you. This program is for you, so it’s your responsibility to follow through with it.

I need you to do the exercise every single day. You’ve got to do it to the point where you’re at least working at your best. When you’re done with the exercise you need to do your own workout. I understand that all of this is very hard, but you don’t know what life is going to throw at you because none of it is set in stone. I’m going to help you get through this.

You don’t just want to lose some fat, you want to be able to run as vigorously as you want to run and you want to run the way you’re truly capable of. This program will give you the tools to achieve this. It will be hard, but no matter what it is, it’s not going to be easy. I will be there with you every day to ensure that everything we do has meaning.