Why I Started Eating Paleo On The Cheap

I learned why taking a little longer to eat a Paleo meal is so important.

You probably aren’t interested in these sorts of insights because you think: “There is never enough time.” I’d like for you to hear why: “It takes a lot of time, energy, and concentration to get into a good Paleo eating habits.” Once you are in, I want you to see your food as an opportunity to take what comes your way with the intention to use it toward greater productivity and health. “Eating Paleo on the cheap” also means not buying the latest and greatest Paleo-approved products, as that will actually take your eating time, energy and concentration a little too far. “For the rest of the week, I will make sure to keep the ingredients at a reasonable price.” In other words, if Paleo isn’t quite the thing for you yet, try to find a cheaper or equivalent Paleo recipe for now. And try experimenting with different ways of cooking. I was able to find just one week of recipes to show you my experience on that subject, but you can of course create your own.

You should be making Paleo meals in advance

I had a few friends stop me one day in a grocery store and ask me what they should try at home before making a Paleo meal. They said that they always have a hard time cooking a Paleo meal because they were used to buying Paleo-approved packaged foods, but with an impulse budget of only $25 a week, they were worried that they couldn’t go through the cost of buying every Paleo-approved food ingredient for their recipes. And I know they are definitely grateful you gave them the green light.

You should have something like 5 to 10 ingredients.

Most Paleo recipes I’ve tried have been more than 5 ingredients. And it is not enough to just buy those 10 ingredients; even at $0.99 a piece or less, it is a lot of money to spend on just ingredients. The more ingredients it takes to make a Paleo meal, the higher the cost of the meal. I’ve even seen recipes that had as few as 2 ingredients! So it is important to know that “the more ingredients you need, the more money it will eat into your budget.” 

You should have time to cook a full Paleo meal.

If you want to cook a Paleo meal, you will have to devote some time to preparing it. It is no easy task, especially when you aren’t used to making Paleo food. To prepare a Paleo meal requires a lot of planning. But once you start making the plans for your Paleo meal, and getting a budget in place, you will find yourself cooking more often and finding that it takes more and more of your time from things that actually matter – work, work, work. Once you get some budget in place, don’t worry about the number of ingredients it takes to make a Paleo meal, just do the work and get a meal on the table in the end!

If you want to make Paleo meals at home, it will be worth the time it takes.

Paleo meals are easy, but sometimes you will want to add some flavor. You can try some new flavors, or try some familiar ones. I’m thinking this week, one of my favorite Paleo foods, tempeh, might look good cooked with some sweet potato, garlic squash, onions, and mushrooms. I have a few ideas for how I want to prepare a delicious meal, and a few recipes to go along with it. So don’t be shy about trying out new recipes!

The following 10 recipes will be great for you to try out!

Tempeh with Avocado and Cashews Tempeh is the perfect Paleo food! It is quick to prepare, easy to make, and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. It is a good substitute for most meat and dairy products in Paleo recipes, and it’s also very good with low fat dairy and gluten-free dishes. It makes a hearty, Paleo-fied meal that everyone on a budget can enjoy!

Tahini and Balsamic Tempeh Tahini is an ingredient I use very often in Asian dishes, and is also a very cheap, Paleo ingredient.