Why I Think I Can Fly For Ever

When you learn to think ahead, you become a better entrepreneur because you avoid the mistakes you often make when thinking only about money. I learned this the hard way. You’ll learn better, too.

You will never make your way if you are afraid that you are too old, not talented enough, don’t have enough knowledge, or don’t believe in yourself. In this book, you’ll learn how you can conquer your fear of being old and how you can do the same for other fears that make you doubt your own ability.

My Favorite Quotes

What else can I say about this book? If you want to live a healthy, happy, successful life, you need to listen to this book.

–Richard Branson  You must be a true believer and a determined worker if you want to make an impact. I would say: the only way to be successful is to be true believer and a determined worker. Once you’re a true believer and believe in yourself enough, you have to take this challenge and do the work, day in and day out.

–Steve Jobs   The whole idea is based upon the fact that you have something that doesn’t matter to other people. And you have something that other people love, too.

–Saul Bellow   If it’s true that you have an innate ability to do something you don’t want to do, that you’re just naturally built with it, you will learn to do it. No matter how hard it is. And that will give you the ability to do things that you can’t.

–Benjamin Franklin   This book is a collection of stories about people who lived the life of a believer, whether they did it right away or not. Every one of their stories makes you feel like you can do this. There are many others who didn’t do it right away, so how can you say that yours will make it easier? What I would emphasize here is, the stories I included all seem to be stories that you can relate to.

–Mae West   All you have to do is believe for it to be done.

–Dwight D. Eisenhower In order to overcome fear, you must be confident in the way in which you think. This book provides the answers and a plan for overcoming all the fears, obstacles, and worries that have been stopping you from believing in yourself. The only way to achieve true self-confidence is to become a full-fledged self-starter and the only way to believe in yourself is to do the hard work of believing. In other words, the trick is believing, not being.

–Mandy Ford   When I think I am capable of making a difference and achieving things that are worthwhile for me, there’s a sense of being a little freer and just having the ability to do something, or as the poet said, having the feeling of free.  It just feels like it should be possible.  It is and sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not, but it’s never like you’d think it should be, is it?

–Tyrone Power   In order to conquer fears and doubts, we must understand that the fear of doubt is just as powerful and as deadly as fear of failing. 

–James R. Breuil This is a book where every page is about the fear of failure, what it does to us, and how to overcome it.  If nothing else, it will inspire you.  It’s also great for anyone facing their own doubt.

–Jenny Craig If you don’t have the courage to do something that is worth doing, you should not do anything at all. You may not even try.