Why I Took It On The Road

With three kids under 13, two cars, a house, groceries, and an apartment to run, I decided my first trip to the supermarket would be pretty unstructured. I chose a new diet, and set my priorities on what I wanted to eat and drink and what I wanted to do in the mornings. I learned to enjoy a good coffee, and made sure my new routines helped me focus and live out my best goals.

Why you might not be living your full potential on the road or off the clock. And why being a full time dad or husband or working a full-time desk job makes it all possible. I can’t be your typical “go-getter” who sits at home all day and spends most of their spare time surfing the Net. I won’t do anything that’s going to hurt my marriage or my kids. I’ll definitely be in the office once a week for an hour or so at work. But the rest of my days are dedicated to your life. I’ll drive you to the grocery store, or make dinner for you a couple times a week, or help you take your kids to school or go to the gym or take your dog for a walk. I will help with the laundry, or make sure that you eat your food. I will be part of your life. And, of course, my love will be there for you all the time. Why we all make decisions that would seem impossible to our parents in the suburbs—and still have family and friends—is what separates us from the sheep among us.

Life Is Made Up of 4 Essential Parts: Family, Work, Play, And Meaning And, if you are reading this, chances are you have at least one thing that makes life worth living. What’s the “thing” that makes your life worthwhile beyond simple “me time?” There are four things that, together, make us a living being. Each of us has a unique combination of these 4 core elements, and the more we put our all into our family, the more our lives can be.  And they are all in this story . I will take you on a journey through the evolution of our four elements, and we can begin to see what our world would be like if we focused all of our energy into one of them, the life part. Why you will feel so much more alive and connected, and why your daily life will expand to the maximum. The 4 Essential Elements of Living: Family Family is our first “core” element. We share DNA with another family member , who is our sister or brother. In fact, all mammals are in some type of family, and humans are no exception. Our DNA is inherited through our families, so when someone is born (say in a hospital), the only information a newborn will have from their parents is, “I am a Human.” And, after that, it gets a little hazy. But, this baby is their DNA — everything they have ever known has been passed down from one generation to the next! When we are babies, we are cared for by those we call “siblings.” It’s not easy for any newborn to take care of a sibling, and we often hear from our grandmothers and grandfathers what it was like to be a teenager or a high school student. We also are brought up in big and little families — two parents and two mothers, or four parents and one daughter. We know who our grandparents were, and it’s easy to understand why we feel like we’re an extension of those families.  The importance of having a close and bonded bond with your parents is so important to us that we have the very same attachment to them. This is the foundation of being a human being, and the foundation of being in love. Family brings us together through memories — just imagine, each one of us has seen countless movies, played countless video games and read countless books about family relationships. We also tend to have a lot of friends. We may have a couple cousins or a couple other family members who take the weekends off to come stay with us, or attend a movie or concert with us.  Family means getting together and having fun and learning how to create something special together. Whether you have a large “house” or are traveling by yourself, and you need to find someone to go out to dinner, watch a movie, or go out on a date with, having family members to share our home with is essential.

We must have family to stay together , because in order for life to continue, we simply cannot live alone.

Our families are a strong support system. I can think of no greater support for someone than a family of friends.