Why I Turned A Lack Of Sleep Into A Strength

If you feel like you’re exhausted, you’re not alone. Even though we think of “lazy” days when we aren’t getting enough sleep as laziness, we can actually learn to become better at staying “awake” and productive. Learn all about “Sleep and Productivity” and how to avoid turning nights like this into a nightmare and learn the benefits of keeping your body (and the people in it) well-stocked with nutrition and recovery strategies.

Why the sleepiness may be a result of something else. Something you’re already working on. Maybe you’re working on being more efficient. Maybe you’re working on feeling closer to your loved ones. Maybe you’re fighting to hold back some negative emotions. Maybe it’s that just now you had your “all-nighter.” Whatever the cause of your sleepiness, I will tell you this: that is when you are most flexible and most receptive to the ideas that come from your heart and soul. So, I’m saying to myself, “Wow, I just had a hard-core all-nighter!” (And I can’t remember who taught me to say this.) When a night like that happens, I’m like, “Oh, wow! I’ve been wanting that for so long.” The more I stay in touch with the things that were in my heart and soul, the more I will naturally find opportunities for creativity and inspiration. I can actually go into a day and not worry about doing anything too demanding. I’ll just wake up at the beginning of the day and just do everything I usually do that day. A lot of the time, I will feel like I’m having a blast doing absolutely nothing. When I wake up, I’m actually happier and more excited than when I fell asleep. It’s because the day is already underway, ready to become something fantastic.

The fact that you’re in a place that you like so much that it just seems like the only place will create some kind of positive change In an age of smartphones, Instagrams, and Facebooks, we’ve lost our connection to the things that matter most. It’s not about what you know. This was a lesson I learned firsthand. When I was around my early twenties, I did a bunch of work at the same office. My job was to go up and down the stairs and mosey about the office, making sure that I didn’t get bored. (Don’t think I’m kidding on that last part.) It took me a long time to realize that it’s not what a job I did makes me happy. It’s because I really like what I do and my workplace allows me to create that. When I do freelance consulting, I feel like I’m just doing it for my business. It’s not about whether I get paid in cash or time. It’s something that just makes me happy being a part of this business. I can’t even begin to imagine being a working parent. I really like working with my kids, having the flexibility to spend time with them and even have some time to play with them at home. Even though I love being a parent, I often still feel pressure to work and stay on top of my kid, just because I can be the best parent I can. When I quit my job, I still wasn’t ready to make that change just because I was tired. I was actually afraid that I would miss my kids while they were at school. I don’t want to be a workaholic, but I need to be able to take my kids to school when they need me, without worrying that if I miss a few minutes of sleep, I’ll miss them terribly. So, in order to keep getting the same work done but be able to have some time alone with them at dinner and without the pressure of deadlines and deadlines, I created a personal “office” in my home where I do the heavy lifting of my life, no matter what the nature of that work may be. I now have several rooms in my home dedicated to just that exact task, with a computer in one, and bookshelves, tables, and couches in another, and sometimes even a guestroom I call my “office.” I keep a small desk right there for my laptop that’s always free for work. Sometimes there are some kids, but my kids usually come first and stay out of the “office.” Then the books. Sometimes I have stacks of books, but most often I have books available that aren’t being kept for me.