Why I Turned Down A Hollywood Rental To Live In An Oakland Apartment

I can’t imagine any better place to live than the Oakland area because it’s close to the beach, close to parks and restaurants. There is also a lot of room to maneuver and explore without having to sacrifice a lot of comfort. I’m excited to move downtown from where I started from a few blocks away, and I have some big news: I’m moving into an apartment in the Uptown Business District.

After a decade of living with my son in West Oakland, I found myself ready to live elsewhere for my son’s sake. After some discussion, we agreed my son would get to live with me in an Oakland apartment where we could both have the same space. My son is three, the same age he would’ve been if we’d stayed.

Why I left: I couldn’t imagine having to watch him grow into an older man and I wasn’t excited about leaving my old neighborhood. I wanted him to walk or ride his bike a mile or two to school but I also wanted to be close to my son, especially as he got older and I needed to spend more time with him. I have always been the type of person who likes to put out, and there will be plenty of opportunities to do that living in Oakland.

I’m ready for this change. I’ve had a few months to think about it, but I can’t wait to move in and get into the swing of things. We can’t get too excited yet, though. I’m just getting started. I won’t be living alone but I do have my friend who’s moving in next to me. He’ll probably be with me for a good 2-3 weeks before I get settled in. I have a large amount of belongings that need to be moved out and I need to get rid of anything I can’t use in Oakland.

Where I’m going: I’m really excited about the business district and the new grocery store we’re getting on the corner of Telegraph and Grand. I know a lot of people in the business district from meeting up with them on business outings and there’s a lot of interest in going there and using it as a place to hang out and shop. I’d like to buy a little bit of the new shop and use it as my office as well.

Why I picked this area: A few reasons. While I live in a part of Oakland where people can easily afford to live, it’s expensive as fuck when you compare it to other places in Oakland. There’s not a lot of shopping here, but it does have a lot of bars and restaurants in the area, so there’s plenty to do. I’m also going to be in my own little zone and won’t be spending a lot of time working on my apartment in the area or making a large commute. If I decide I want to see the park, I’m sure I can find it here.

Where I’m going: I really want to be living in the Uptown Business District because it’s close to the beach, close to parks and restaurants, and I love the energy it creates. The new grocery store opens in September, and when it opens many places will have new things to do (or have a place to hang out).

I like the area a lot and can’t wait for September.