Why I Won’t Buy Health Food Stores: 5 Reasons Not To Go There, Anymore

There are many things wrong with retail health industries. They have grown too greedy, greedy enough to believe that if they put on a lot of weight, they are somehow less important, and too cruel to people who are too sick to put on more weight (or in worse cases, even if) at no cost to them.

I have been reading and writing about a couple in my life–one of whom I’ll share in a moment–who has decided that she’s never gonna buy a “health food” store again for at least 30 more days. She was a former “food-store-loving” person, who went into her grocery store on a regular basis, hoping they would have some great “non-sugary stuff.” When she finally bought a bag of “healthy” foods, she put that on the table and said, “I’m done with this. I’m no longer eating these foods.” Today, she’s not just a full-time, serious vegetarian and vegan who eats a plant-based diet and never eats meat, she’s also a “non-essentialist,” meaning she will absolutely, without a doubt, never buy or even consider buying another “health” food store. She is 100 percent committed to making sure she, herself, never buys another “health food” store.

Why does she refuse to even consider going to that store again? To see her reasoning…and perhaps even to see her shopping style…you can read this from her blog : “Here’s why I will never look at a health food store again. I won’t buy into the ridiculous hype about how foods are supposed to be high in nutrition. I won’t believe the scary stories about diseases being caused by eating certain foods. And I won’t buy products that make me feel worse. I don’t buy into any sort of food marketing scheme because I have been reading about and learning about the terrible, fake food that is going in there. And if people are selling this phony food, how can I trust them to give me the real thing? I won’t buy “natural” products because they are not really natural. I won’t buy products that claim to be low in sugar and fats and make me feel guilty. I won’t buy products that are packaged with high levels of preservatives that make me feel sick and can cause allergic reactions in me. I know there is a lot of hype about the supposed health benefits that come from low sugar, fat, and cholesterol, but I don’t want to have to eat foods in there that are high in sugar, salt, fat, and cholesterol in order to get those benefits. ” 

What she actually says there is a lot more like, “These people don’t know when they are lying to me.” That was one of the things that got it from here : ” I won’t be spending more money and effort buying food from these people and I’m not willing to eat a lot worse than I already do. Maybe some of the products that they do have and the ones that I have found at good natural food stores will be better. But I won’t buy from those people again, no.”

Why does she feel this way? I think this is it. I am convinced that all the “good” health food companies are out to make money off of every sick person who thinks, “Okay, I’m tired of grocery shopping, I want to be healthy. If only all grocery stores was selling real foods. But these people are not what I’m reading about as I go about my daily grocery business.”

So what are the reasons that she’s made this decision? What are the reasons why she doesn’t want to have the option to go to a food store that is not part of the scam the companies are running? I think there may be other factors. But I have a hunch that one of the reasons that she won’t consider going to that store again is probably related to the following: 1. She likes to shop at the grocery store, not online

She will never again find herself going anywhere other than that grocery store when she is out shopping because that’s where she wants to buy, not from a website.

If you have ever gone to a retail store and used a website to pay for something, this is what happens.