Why I Won’t Give My Baby A Sugar Daddy

I am a strong believer that I am responsible for my own children. I am also a strong believer that no one else in the world can take care of my child. I am not a good enough parent to do that, and I won’t. 

I am also not good enough to be in the position to give a gift that is too great a temptation for the child. For example, it is no different than giving someone a million dollars to adopt the child. It’s a huge undertaking, no matter how many good days one has.

Children are precious and they are a precious gift from God that God does provide, but it is a gift that comes with responsibility. We don’t just “do it for free” and then say “what a miracle” we gave a child, we do it because we are responsible. We give because we are grateful. We give because we are grateful.

I don’t know if it is because we have grown up with a “mixed breed” parenting style that is too busy “fixing” this and that, and too focused on “curing” this and that, to know God’s plan and purpose for this and that. It is hard for me to understand. We just make a decision to help a sick child, or go after the last drug dealer in their neighborhood. And then we are busy trying to make good decisions, and fix bad decisions and fix all the other mistakes the people we were helping made. We are too busy. We’re just not trying hard enough.

How do we know all of this? Because in spite of it all, we are grateful. We are grateful for all of our good health and the good health of our children. We are grateful for our marriage, despite the constant problems, which I don’t think even God could fix, because we are grateful for the marriage that God created and designed for and because we are grateful for being in the right place to be part of God’s purpose for us. We are grateful for our time together, no matter what. And we are grateful for our health. Because of what God has done through our body, we do this for no other reason than because of what God has done through our body. So yes, we know God’s heart, but not what it looks like. We don’t want to be wrong (not right or wrong, but wrong). We don’t want to feel like we can be wrong because we don’t know why. We don’t want to feel like we messed up because we don’t know how to help, or we don’t have all the answers and we have no idea what we can fix or what the right course of action is. So we’re pretty careful that way.

Then we have to find a way to show God that we’re thankful for all the things that God is doing for us. How do we show God that we’re thankful for all the times that we have been saved by God, whether it’s been by way of a good friend, or a miracle, or a gift from a God we have never seen, but we just know is there?

How do we show God we are grateful for every blessing and all the time that’s been given to us, every moment that God has given us life? And God, if you are still reading this right now, maybe one day in your long, long life you will hear me say “thank you” when you have a child come to you, or when you are praying for your child, or when you are holding your children, or when you are helping each other, and just maybe one day I will look and see that I have given you everything you needed for everything that was possible in order to be able to be a God-loving parent. So thank you. Thank you.

I will never regret my decision to not give my children a sugar daddy, or my decision not to spend my money on them. They will never regret getting a sugar daddy.