Why I Worked Every Day For Two Years To Become Better At Yoga

In 2001, I was a corporate lawyer who had been on the road for six years but not once had I had a day off.  With my wife pregnant, I decided to start yoga again, but I didn’t want an extended vacation or fancy clothes nor did I have the time. Instead, I worked every day.

I became a corporate lawyer in 2001, and I was working the night shift every night at a major firm (because I had to earn money at some point). By the time I started working for a large law firm on the weekend mornings, I was exhausted, burned out, and in need of some serious rest. I wanted to spend the time learning about yoga and exploring a new way of life, so I decided to begin doing some yoga every day.

I started doing yoga at a studio in my neighborhood called the Veena studio .  Veena is the only studio in Austin I actually know the instructor by.  I went on the first class that she taught me (as I do with every new teacher), and she explained the yoga I needed to know to get my body and mind fit for the modern world.  I was impressed, so I went back the next course and was even more impressed.  I’ve been going there three times a week ever since.

I do yoga three or four times a week and feel amazing, and I love it.  Not only do you get out the long-term body and mind benefits, but when you find a class that interests you, a new yoga style, a different teacher, or a place that you get tired of just running to, yoga is an easy way to get things done. Yoga provides me an almost complete mental and physical rest.  I can work at my desk, but I don’t have to be in such a rush to do it, and I get a healthy dose of rest time when I’m not working.  I can still be active and my stress level is greatly reduced, so I am able to be more productive and I have time to do other things.

You are also very likely to have an open mind to new people in your lifestyle once you have found a class you enjoy that you are drawn to in a way you haven’t been before.  When I first started coming here for yoga and have been back again, I’ve always noticed how many new people and a lot of couples come in.  That usually doesn’t happen here so, I don’t really know what happened here.  Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the class, but it’s a great place for finding new people.

Now that I’ve found a regular yoga class and found a community that brings out my inner nerd, I have even started taking classes myself.  I can’t wait to get my mind and body in great shape and feel the benefits of this wonderful practice that I have found.