Why I’m A New Mom

It will surprise many — me included — to learn that I’m a new parent for the first time. This is an extraordinary, beautiful, and challenging time in our lives.

So many reasons. First, this is a milestone, which should, with time, become part of our daily routines, a routine that is so integral to who we are and how we live. At 40, it is possible to say to yourself, “I am a parent.” Second, it’s amazing to have a beautiful child and feel so much love and joy, and to realize that I can raise her up to be a good person who makes the world a better place. When my husband and I moved to Colorado, he told me, “You have to remember that you have a baby that has been waiting two months. She will never know what that day was like for you and it will never be as strong as you were.” That morning, at 7:30 a.m., I walked down that road to the airport, with the feeling of having come a long way because I will never see what I had to go through twice. But I also know that the journey will always be worth it.

It’s amazing to be pregnant and find yourself in the unfamiliar territory of life. I know that many new parents have similar moments. It’s a weird sensation. My son is the miracle of my life. I was born in the hospital where I was about to give birth. My husband and I found ourselves on the airplane back and forth across the country, and still it was like being a newborn again. Now, as we settle into a new routine, my husband and I are enjoying seeing my son’s face and hearing his name. We aren’t rushing to the bank with cash to transfer money or change the baby’s room — this baby was not there so we are focusing on enjoying the journey of life instead.

I love the idea of this baby, and I’m so grateful for the gift that I was conceived with. However, in the time since having my son, I’ve learned things that really make me question my beliefs about childbearing. This is a parenting book for parents and is written for those that want to know more about childbearing and what it means to raise a child. It’s not a book designed to educate you on all the various aspects of parenthood, but it does address the biggest issues for any new parent. And it does it in such a unique, fresh way.

From a personal perspective, I think the first thing you learn is that the best place to start is the journey. You can’t stop in the middle of a relationship with your child. It’s not just about the moments, it’s about the moments after the moment and the moments after that. That’s not to say that you have to deal with your partner’s feelings, or work out your differences with them, but to just acknowledge that you are there, and that whatever happens in that time is going to be part of growing as a family as we go through this journey together. It’s amazing to have a beautiful child and feel so much love and joy, and to realize that I can raise her up to be a good person who makes the world a better place.

What is your first big question? What do you want to know? As with all books, you can learn from it. We love all people, including those who have different beliefs than we do. That’s what this book can and will give you. It’s not about how to raise your children, how to raise a single mom, but how to raise a person — the person you want to be, the best person you can be, and the person you want to bring to this world in the best possible way that you can. This book is for those who want to know “why me,” “why now,” “where is my journey headed,” and “what is my future.”