Why I’m Living With A Dog

I grew up with dogs, I love dogs, and I want to help people love dogs even more.

I’ve never owned a house-trained poodle, although my sister tried to pass herself off as one. Despite some odd characteristics, dogs are like people: they want the best for themselves and all of us. They are just like us, except that they can give, not just take. Dogs have the ability to show empathy and love. It’s not hard to imagine how you and I could find some kind of connection to our companions.

So why are we killing dogs? If there wasn’t such a brutal conflict, we wouldn’t need to kill them. The number one reason why we kill dogs? The dog-bite epidemic . When a dog bites, that bite causes us pain. We can’t control dogs. If we’re going to be forced to live next to wolves and bears, it’s important that we make sure we have a safe place to go where we feel comfortable. 

If I lived in a house in which my dogs were constantly worrying that one of them was about to bite someone, I would not go out in public. If I was running on a treadmill and my dog slipped on a banana peel, I would probably stop and apologize to him. I think that people should have the right to own dogs. Some dogs are wonderful. 

The other reason we kill dogs is the pet overpopulation crisis . Most pets are never homes. 

What’s more, it’s not surprising that so many people who come into contact with dogs turn out to have a problem with their dogs. A good friend of mine has always been the dog-owner’s best friend, and I saw the same thing in the dog-lovers I knew. For everyone’s peace of mind and to help prevent other dogs from being in the same trouble I was in, we had to kill a lot of unwanted pups. I learned my lesson. 

What can we do about all this? Not that I’m sure there is anything we can do, but I’m here to tell you that we can try. By learning to control our dogs and being able to see them as people, we can live a kinder life . My friends, I think we can do it if there is ever a time in our lives that we can stop thinking about dogs.

I’d also like to share some information about where I live. I like having pets that aren’t overly aggressive. I’ve never found one dog or cat in my home to be aggressive. I don’t own any pets, and I don’t plan on doing so. I don’t have a home full of cats, but I have one full of dogs, and they are a great source of comfort, love, and companionship.

There are two of us in my house. 

I love dogs, and I want to help them, just like anyone would. I want to help dogs get a safe place to live. If you’re thinking how dogs can help you, you should learn what they’re capable of and the things that they need from us, and start acting accordingly. And if you’re not familiar with dogs, learn and speak English .

This blog post was written by my friend Chris (and sometimes I say my wife) with pictures by Chris.