Why I’m Not Going To The Olympics

The United States is not China. And that’s okay, because I do not believe our political system is meant to be egalitarian in its principles. My job, as well as my country’s, is to serve the American people, and it’s that principle which I believe we are best equipped to execute.

I’m not going to the Olympics. This election will be the first in 50 years without my President, George Bush II. I am not going to compete against anyone. The Olympics are not a sport, as the Olympics are so named for. This year’s games are about self-expression on a different level. There’s no excuse to not participate; I will do my part and I am ready to embrace a new way of life. The U.S. is not China. But my country is not like yours. The United States has the most sophisticated military in the planet. China’s is the second-best. My country doesn’t have anything to show for itself yet. And it just shows the wrong sort of pride.

It’s time for us Asians to stop apologizing for our own failures. It’s time we did what others have not done and started taking responsibility for ourselves.

A lot of the people who are going to the Olympics are not athletes. In fact, that’s almost a derogatory term for them. They are rich, wealthy and have all the money in the world. There are a lot of people that go because it’s good for business – and not the greatest form of business to have one’s hand in the cookie jar.

If we are being honest, the U.S. economy has more problems than any other economy. This year, the U.S. will have more Americans that will be unemployed than Europeans or Canadians. This year, China will be the best-performing major economy in the world. Not in recent years, but in the past. We’ll be at a point where China will be stronger, and the U.S. will be weaker. I don’t have statistics for you, but I think you’ll all agree with that statement.

So I don’t plan to go to the Olympics to prove some point or because we have to show our wealth to the rest of the world. It is simply my opinion that this year’s Olympics is far less about athletics and is more about promoting a business-driven agenda on American soil. This is why I am so disappointed.

The U.S. is the greatest nation on the planet and we should be celebrating it. Now, I do not believe the Olympics represents the best of what America is all about. I am not sure the world even understands what the country’s ideals really are.

And this year’s games will not be for the glory of athletics. They will be for the purpose and the vision of the Beijing Olympic Committee—to show what America is all about. And you would not believe the nonsense we have been told.

The U.S. is still a young country with great traditions. We should be welcoming and embracing the whole world. It’s time to take a deeper look at what it is we do best, and why this is important to us.

I say this as a member of both the Chinese and U.S. Olympic teams, and I will go to the Olympics for one thing: the American people. China cannot understand why we will not go. They have been working harder to get us there than anyone, and will do it all again. We are not in a position to compete on a level playing field. The U.S.’s Olympic budget of $4 billion will be more than theirs; we should be commended for that.

For example, they are going to have to give us tickets for them. If we want to watch a sporting event, they cannot give us tickets. What they did not tell us is that we won’t be getting in the way—we are not going to be allowed in the media room. We’ll be seated in a special area. That’s all, no seats for us in the media room. We have been through this before, and we will not be the problem.

The U.S. has been able to export our sports to the world because it is a superpower. But the international sporting organization has not seen a place on the world stage for Asia just yet.