Why I’m So Confident About Being Happier

We do not become happier. We don’t make a bigger contribution to the world. We don’t change the world with our knowledge. If we were happier, we’d have the ability to accomplish more. And we would be happier. That’s it. If we just wanted more happiness, we would be happy. Happiness is what we make it.

Happiness does not come after acquiring worldly possessions or improving our life. Happiness is the natural state of being. If you have a positive attitude the world will be your oyster, and your day will be filled with joy. Don’t let your thoughts get twisted into thinking you may achieve happiness by doing what we have been taught to do without effort and without thought.

It’s hard to believe in anything when you look at the world you’ve been taught to see, the world you’ve been taught to value. It is not uncommon to be depressed, and to be convinced that you don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute. We have all been taught that our job is to earn money to fill the bellies of others. We have all been taught that life, happiness and success is a commodity, and the only source of success is money.

When you are sad, it is like there is something missing from your life. You’re not in the moment, you’re not doing things that are meaningful. In short, when you’re sad, you’re missing something.

Some people think sadness brings the spirit down, or that it takes energy away. These are false thoughts. Sadness can bring energy, and it can take energy. It can be a good thing. When you get rid of the negativity in your world, sadness becomes a tool used to increase your energy and your awareness.

You can’t become happier in the world you’re living in at this time. Even when the world seems the perfect place, there is so much going wrong. The world we live in is not happy. The world does not have happiness. This is not to say the future of the world is bleak or anything like that, but there is a lot of suffering going on.

The world is filled with suffering as it is today. If I were not to believe in myself, I could not achieve happiness. Happiness would be a useless concept to me. We are the masters of anything we choose to make and experience. We can make a better world if we choose to build and develop ourselves into the positive role model that the world demands us to be. To be happy is not to take someone else’s word for it. Happiness is not to rely on anyone else, or a theory or a dream. Happiness is simply a fact in existence. The rest is up to us.

If we wanted to make a better world, we would not have to suffer in it. This world that is all dark and sadness is also full of potential. All the dark will become light as time goes on. The world will reach it’s full potential if we create and bring it into being right now. But before we do that we have to first become happy, if we do, our world will be filled with light. There is no reason to wait for the world to get better until it is time to make it better.

As a child, if you get a cookie for every time something good happens to you, you will be an extremely happy child. Do that every day. As you become an adult, you will see that you are not only happy with the things that happen to you, but you also see that you are happy every day. Why? Because you want to be happy, you want to be good. You don’t want to be a disappointment like your mom or dad so you spend your time trying to become the best you can be. If all of us did that we wouldn’t need to wait, because the world would always be bringing us happiness. It’s a no brainer.