Why It Feels Impossible When You Realize You’re Living Large

You feel like you have to maintain a low profile. You become self-conscious about how you present yourself to others that are around you. It feels overwhelming. It’s tempting to go back into denial and refuse to acknowledge it, but denial isn’t working so you need to talk about it. You simply have to face it. You can’t hide your emotions like they’re some kind of secret or secret weapon.

Your thoughts and actions don’t control the other person, but your thoughts and actions do control the choices you make. In other words, you can choose to deny the reality of your own feelings and beliefs that might cause you to feel this way. But it’s always better to take in a small piece of that reality. You’ll feel a great sense of peace about being able to truly acknowledge the feelings in yourself and letting them go – so that you truly have a choice as to how far you want to go on that journey.

We can have some very real conversations as a result of acknowledging our feelings. And sometimes, we just have to face someone who needs them so we can tell them and try to help them to change, as best we can.

So, if some of this sounds confusing, take a look over the next few posts for more info! Don’t feel any alone – it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves and to be honest with ourselves.

Here is a few more examples in case you’d like to look at yourself like an outsider for a moment:

The truth you try to avoid may actually be the most comfortable, comforting and powerful thing around

Do you think someone in your group does not appreciate your creativity?

Have you ever had thoughts or feelings or actions that felt off about yourself, but you didn’t want to acknowledge?

Does the thought of telling someone else how you feel that you don’t want to do comes to you as a strange anxiety?

This is what it feels like to wake up to a feeling that’s so heavy, that you can’t even breathe. The feelings that you don’t want to say out loud yet you have to because of the weight of the world and your own responsibilities and limitations. Here’s the key though – it’s OK.

Sometimes, as I said, we have to feel vulnerable to speak from the heart.

If the thoughts and feelings come up in the middle of our dinner, then we don’t care about the other person and our own comfort, right? Of course not. It’s just a little uncomfortable.

But our heart won’t feel the same way when we don’t say anything, when we just feel the same way, and when we try to hide it behind some facade of denial that doesn’t address the issue.

This isn’t true, right? It doesn’t feel like I am the person I was when I had these thoughts and feelings. It’s not because I am weak and afraid of being vulnerable. Nope! I have a job at the office that allows me to be as “out there” as I want. My job is the thing that keeps me moving forward on my path and letting me feel the same way!

So, the next time you’re feeling awkward or just feel like saying something like “Who cares? You shouldn’t feel that way, okay?” , take a look at what’s actually going on. If we feel like we’re not OK, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re wrong. It just means that that was not the best thing to say. So, you have the choice to either say something and face the emotional turmoil of how it looks and sounds, or you can put on a fake smile and pretend it’s the most natural thing in the world.

One of my life-long friends told me one time, “I can’t help it, I have those feelings. I am human. They are part of me.”