Why It’s Important To Spend 30 Minutes Per Day Mindfully Sitting With God

Your entire life can be summed up in just a single question. Why does God not know all of my needs right now? And it’s important to realize that you cannot see God’s plan for you, your life or your situation, unless you are willing to take the time to sit down with him and truly understand what’s on your mind. God asks only one question each day and it’s time for all of us faithful men and women to ask it back.

Sometimes you are in a situation where, for whatever reason, the answer you want is right in front of you but something tells you that you’re making a mistake by not knowing it. I’m one of these people. That’s why a great deal of my life was spent studying and pondering various answers to the question “why are you angry?” That’s why it’s extremely difficult to truly understand and connect with our own anger, because we see it as something that makes things happen in our lives.

We also get so caught up in thinking about what needs to be done to get our needs met in reality, and not how we can best serve a God who has already done them for us with everything He has given to us, in all cases and in all ways. Anger is a sign to us of the need to take the time to actually know God.

“How I feel is a far cry from what God thinks I should feel. Therefore how I feel is not the way I should feel.”

“I came to Jesus Christ to be saved. Therefore, my heart is filled with God’s love; my spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit, and my body is filled with Christ.” – 1 John 4:7

You’re probably thinking right now, “well, obviously I already know exactly what I should feel. After all when I was born I was put into the world to be saved!” And while it’s totally true that this is how all human babies are born, God puts everyone in the world into the world to hear the truth. All of us need to hear the truth. Every single life is lived with God as our Master. Every single life is a mission to hear God’s truth, and in order to hear God’s truth, we need to know what it is (Ephesians 2:9). So, what does this mean in a real sense ?

Jesus calls His disciples to take the time and actually sit with God and really talk to Him as they are (Luke 22:34) so that when we do come across His Word we can understand it and then share it with others. This is a very time consuming and difficult task. And it’s important to realize that this kind of effort doesn’t happen overnight and will not happen to everyone that wants to make it happen.

This work isn’t something you only do once and after that there won’t be a lot of time left for anything else. It’s a lifetime commitment, so that if you don’t feel like living a life of obedience then, of course, God will still call and call you back. And the truth is: he will call again. You don’t get a reprieve just because you’re a little sick because you’re going to feel it when you walk out of bed; even God needs to hear the Gospel and share it on the road up from time to time (James 1:5). What Jesus said about our eternal life was as true for Him as it is for us today. This truth has nothing to do with whether or not You believe the Bible. This is actually about “getting up early and going to bed earlier so that God can hear you when you come to Him everyday.”

This is what I mean when I say “Jesus told us to ‘take the time to understand what God thinks of you'” (Revelation 18:29). I know when it’s time. And what I need to do is go and ask God for the time. He has chosen me as His Mouthpiece, His Interpreter, His Teacher, who in turn teaches His people by His Word. That will not change until I ask for it with love and understanding.