Why It’s Important To Start A New Year With A Clear Focus On What Matters

You start with the same goal in mind whether you start a new year at 8 a.m. or 10 a.m. You are not working the clock, but rather the energy of the day. Don’t worry about the hours and minutes. Instead, remember that this is still the day. And, you can still begin your year with the positive energy that drives you forward.

I start a new year every day by setting my goals for the new year. Not in order to be an athlete or a skier. I work those aspects right away. I work them before I set my goals. I work them to have good habits and the will to succeed and the drive to do something with that good will. (I work on the will more so than the actual will. I don’t want to force-buy anything, I am not going to start the new year with a ton of new things I feel like do not need to be done before I start again. That’s not the way I am.) Rather, my goals are to have the desire. The ability is still there. My mind has been able to let go of what I think is impossible for myself. What I can, I put my finger on and begin to work for. And then what I can’t let go of — the dream; the dream that my mind still has of becoming the thing I want to be — I work into that as well. Because that’s how I start every day. Then it’s simple. (Sometimes I work at it for hours.

The key is to not judge. It’s that simple.) And then it becomes habit. Which leads to success. Which leads to accomplishment. And then success leads to more success. There’s a reason for why we do this. It’s the same reason we get up in the morning. It’s to get moving and to give ourselves permission to get going. But, let’s not overdo the good. I am a big fan of self-reflection and knowing what will happen if I start tomorrow. What are my best chances of success? Which areas have I been wasting time with that I need to focus on moving forward? It’s all a process of knowing what to focus on and then doing it. This does not mean you are not going to do anything.

I would suggest that starting off every day with this clear focus of “what matters” to you is absolutely crucial. When you know you are working the clock, you know you can’t think of anything else, which provides a huge confidence boost. Which again, is not only the motivation for getting going but also the drive to succeed. So, if you want to start your year with a clear focus on the things you want, here’s a quick breakdown: What matters most? In my mind, it has to be the things I want to accomplish the most. You don’t need to be perfect in order to start this year. Instead, just get started. What will keep me going? For an answer, I suggest reading this article . Don’t worry about success. Work on the good. What will motivate me? If you ask anyone, they will say something along the lines of “I need to be motivated.” That is a good thing. In all honesty, you don’t even need much motivation. Most of us need more than just the “it’s good to get going” motivation. It is also what drives us to get going.

What will happen if I follow through on my plan? You will be motivated. You will be better able to accomplish anything in your life. You will be more motivated than you ever have to be. You will be happier in your life and you will be able to accomplish more than you ever think you can. There is a happy ending.