Why Life Is Worse Now Than It’s Ever Been Before

In our modern-day lives, everything seems to suck — and for good reason. And this is especially true in our society of technology and instant convenience: the modern lifestyle doesn’t keep its promise because it has become so completely unreliable and unreliable is bad.

The problem with this modern lifestyle is that the moment we can get what we want it is too easy for people to be satisfied with what they have. So, in an attempt of not having to worry about everything in life, people have made this modern lifestyle completely toxic. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating, though. It’s the life that we’re currently living and that we’re trying to “fix” and that we want to continue living — but it just isn’t going to work.

And so, in hopes of trying to give people the life we want to live again, here’s this article written by author, philosopher and social activist, Peter Drucker . And in the first few paragraphs he basically talks about how this modern lifestyle is toxic for the modern family: When the family consists of only two people, then life is much more enjoyable and easy. After that, it becomes harder to be content.  We must find other ways to make our lives pleasant. And the family must learn to cooperate instead of compete, to develop a sense of fairness and mutual respect, to make sacrifices for each other, to give one another gifts, to work together (rather than against) one another, and to work collectively. I think if anything else were to be said about this modern lifestyle, it simply states that modern individuals are just trying to achieve the modern lifestyle:

But that’s not what Drucker, who created the management paradigm for the modern corporate culture and made it famous , had in mind when he wrote those words. The main point he was trying to make was that this modern lifestyle is toxic to the modern family: “So you get the feeling that things are getting worse. Not only do I feel more isolated; I feel more rejected by society and myself,” Drucker observed in 1977. “To what extent can our modern environment be considered a personal disaster because of the way it is overwhelming us? Perhaps far more than we think. It has forced us to make more demands on ourselves and our children than they can satisfy. It has changed what a family ought to be–it requires that we work together, that the parents and the children work together for the well-being of the whole.” He added, “We now have almost the same amount of time to achieve our ambitions, even after leaving the school system; but to what extent are we working together, do we understand one another, that we work together to achieve our goals and do we really care what happens to one another? How much do we really want the children to like us, and how deeply do they care about us?”  In order to fix this situation, we have to learn how to take care of ourselves and our family from the inside, not just try to fix the world through a different, technologically dependent lifestyle.

The modern lifestyle is also extremely hard on children – especially at the young age of six through eight.  At that age, kids are growing up faster than ever – so in the modern society, kids have absolutely no time to properly learn how to be a child . They are forced to live in houses built with no insulation in order to save money.  They are forced to learn through a school system that is overloaded with new technology and with too little resources.  In the modern environment, kids don’t start to learn how to be a child until ten or eleven or twelve years of age.  In the modern environment, kids learn how to be a child by having to take care of each other or by being sent to therapy sessions. But, what many people don’t realize is that not all modern children are forced to go through this.