Why ‘mindfulness’ Is A Good Fit For The 21st-century Workforce

How we understand our bodies, minds, and the world around us all depends on the tools we use to explore how that is. And as our bodies and minds evolve and change, what tools really work for us and are reliable? Mindfulness in the right, consistent, and sustainable contexts are great for business and life.

It’s the most exciting time of the year for business- and leisure-related mindfulness (MN), or focused attention focused on the present moment. With the release of the new “Mind Your Motto” guide, and some smart ideas from a panel of experts on the topic of mindfulness training, and from the world of mindfulness and Buddhism, we set out to find some practical, tested, and validated tips on how to do the most with mindfulness.

I will tell you, there’s a lot of information out there, and not everyone’s comfortable taking the risk of training or even doing a self-taught session. We’ve heard that from clients, colleagues, and customers. I’m grateful that the experts gathered from Mindfulness Today, a leader in the field, were happy to share how they have successfully used and practiced mindfulness.

There aren’t a lot of experts who know that this is a big business opportunity yet. But I’ve spent the summer training for and running the Mindful Work Week at The Art of Living, and I’ve seen people make real changes:

A coworker has started regularly doing breathing exercises at work so that she is more comfortable and confident

She is more present with her team and peers, and is better able to listen and empathize with them

She feels more in tune with the “big picture” of the business, and is more likely to take action

She has realized that her stress has significantly decreased in the past few months, and her focus at work has improved

She starts to see her life in a whole new way, and she has increased her mental and emotional resilience

The Art of Living has grown into a model organization for the Mindful Work Week, where they allow companies to run mindfulness-friendly, self-empowering workshops or events with the help of experts from Mindfulness Today, or other organizations. And, if you want to give your staff a break from the mind-worshipping nonsense, you can use Mindfull’s calendar to create individual, focused, and guided mindfulness sessions every week.¬† The next week’s session is a good place to get started with some well-designed workshops and mindfulness activities for yourself or for your staff. If you want to give your staff a break, check out Mindful’s calendar of events here

The Mindful Work Week isn’t just for companies. You could use it for a class or workshops for yourself or your team. ¬†There are countless ways you can use mindfulness in your life . With Mindfulness Today, you get the tools and resources you need to try it out, or even help someone else get started with it in a fun, focused, and effective way.