Why Most People Are Better Off Eating Three Meals At Lunch

It’s almost as if we have an addiction to eating. Perhaps it’s even worse than that. We’ve been eating our way to a bad, unhealthy diet for so long — so persistently, psychologically, that the habit itself is an addiction.

The habits we make daily in our work, our homes and our social lives, as well as in our relationships with one another, are what makes our lives a living hell. The truth is that we become what we eat. Some people get this one. Others don’t. It’s like the habit you have of drinking before going to work, for example.

But a big and growing number of people are waking up to what a sham the three-meals-at-lunch routine really is. And so they are taking action in ways that can actually help.

I, for one, never thought I wanted to live a lie or live without a sense of purpose, but with so much at stake in my life — with my health, with the future, with my mind, with my sanity — I’m determined to do the right thing.

I have to believe, because there is no such thing as a lie, that eating three meals in a row is bad for you.

The three-meals-at-lunch routine is so pervasive I still don’t even believe it.

The idea that this has to be the case, that we need to eat three meals a day to eat healthy. It’s as if this simple fact can’t be true. We can’t be in danger of being sickened, deprived, debilitated and/or dead because we eat three meals too often.

But it is true, or it was long ago. We’re not supposed to eat three meals a day (unless you work at a fast-food joint), that’s what a fast-food joint is for. For most of my adult life, the idea that I needed to eat three meals a day sounded like another bizarre, old-fashioned idea.

But eating three meals a day is not a bizarre, old-fashioned idea; it’s the standard for many organizations I’ve worked in. We do it in order to make some money. We do it because the government says we need to. We do it because the health-care industry is paid to support it.

All of these reasons sound reasonable. I know of someone in the health-care industry who eats seven meals a day. And she doesn’t get sick, or be sick, and she’s healthy. You eat three meals so you can eat the food you crave.

But what about the psychological aspect of not eating? Do you eat three meals a day to feel better?

If so, the idea is just plain wrong. I know from experience. My life, the life of others I know — and of myself, for that matter — would be so much better if we ate less fast food, and ate more whole foods. We could avoid the psychological and physical pain of constantly having too many calories consumed and not enough calories burned. We could have more energy for the rest of our lives, without the constant stress of needing to stay within a certain weight range.

The fact is we don’t need to eat three meals in a row , and we do need to eat more healthfully. And to be healthy, we just need to start doing it.

I don’t claim to have figured it all out. But I have tried to do just that, to figure out — based on what I know — how to eat healthfully every day. It’s simple.