Why My Kid Was Born With No Arms

I knew a few months after we went into labor with my daughter, it was going to be a long night. I could hear her kicking and the crumpling noises that were being made in our delivery room.

Sometimes in life, we learn that we are going to have to suffer because of that which is greater than us that is going to have to suffer on our behalf. Sometimes that which is greater than us is our child. We are all born with some amazing gifts. That child is not yours, but you may be blessed to love this amazing child. They are the gifts you receive that make you the person that you are today.

We also learn and become stronger that we learn and grow that we learn and become stronger that is life has many choices. It is not the choice that makes us who we are but the choice we choose that determines the path that we take.

Today it has been five years since my daughter was born and we are still having the same birth that everyone around the world is experiencing. I believe the biggest differences in how we live our lives is because it is only now in these five years with my daughter that I can say with complete certainty that I have a choice in my life.

I’ve always known for the best of intentions that someday I would end up going to the NICU and I would be put on a neonatal intensive care unit for the very long term. My daughter would be surrounded by the medical care I could not afford with my student loan debt and I would be a shell of a person with very very few words and no comprehension for the world around me.

I wanted life to go on so I could be around for my child’s first months of life and to see the changes it is going to have on her. I wanted to have a daughter, and to not be that shell myself and for there not have to be a mother because I could do it all. Now I can say “no” to that and I can do “yes”.

Today is the day our daughter was born and there are a lot of moments that we had to go through just to have the opportunity to meet her face to all of you here. We were just so excited to be there and here she is in the arms of her father. I can’t thank you guys enough for putting the time in and making this beautiful experience even more beautiful every time we see her.

I am so thankful for all of you and I know that we were fortunate the day that I had the choice to not be a mom like I planned on being. We had the most amazing experiences together and she was the greatest gift to have been given to us. I knew that she was in my heart just from the first time that we saw each other. Now she is part of who I am and her love gives me something that I wish I had. I wish I could go back and change the decisions that I did not have the choice to make as a mother. I would be so much happier. Now that I understand that I have all of the choices I did have, I’m finally at peace.

After hearing about a lot of the crazy stories from my friends I found out about the birth video. I watched it over and over. Every few minutes I had to sit down to take a break. I have always been a very emotional person in my life and every time I looked up I felt my heart start to race and then it would calm down and I would turn around in a matter of a few seconds.

I watched the video over and over again just to hear her cries. I loved every minute I got to share with her.

After the first few seconds I realized the significance of going to this hospital.