Why Our Bones May Be Our Most Critical System

Our bones are a critical part of our body that can literally save or take away our life. Bones act as a conductor of energy and as such, are the channel through which energy is transmitted throughout the body.

Your bones are your largest and most important organ. They serve the purpose of supporting your entire body. Bones serve numerous functions within the body. One such function is helping control the movement and function of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and skin. Bones also help balance the blood in the muscles, allow your joints to move within a healthy range according to the structure of your bones and tendons and maintain and protect the integrity of the organs.

So when we lose weight and get healthier, the health of our bones improves to a far greater extent. And if we don’t maintain them, we are at a high risk for breaking them due to the strain placed on them. Not only does this lead to a shortened life, but it also increases your risk for osteoporosis. A person who has a lot of old bone on the bones of their legs or around the joints of their torso — say, for example, around the hip joints — has a much higher chance of developing osteoporosis compared to a person who doesn’t have significant bone loss around their joints. This is because as bones lose body moisture they tend to become dry and brittle, and in that process their structures are weakened by erosion, weakening of the joints and bone loss. Over time this can lead to the weakening of these areas, which often leads to the loss of the joint or the bone that makes it up.

You can learn a lot from this picture below:

So why would we need to lose weight and stay healthy if we are already healthy? And are you overweight?

In this study performed by Prof. K.S. Paniagunam at Sainik School of Medicine in Chennai, India, it was discovered that the loss of bone mass is associated with diabetes mellitus. This study showed that people with a high level of bone loss had an approximately 30% higher risk of developing diabetes mellitus, while those with significantly elevated bone mass were at nearly 50% greater risk . A simple way to reduce your risk of diabetes is to strengthen your bones by getting regular exercise such as walking.

Now let’s look at the health-benefits linked to losing weight …

As we age, our bones become less dense in a direct relation to the loss of bone mass. This means that our bone mass shrinks at a faster rate that our body. As a result, our bones are less strong. This results in a very high risk of breaking the bones and losing our health as a result.

By engaging in regular bone weight exercise, you can help keep your bones strong.

When muscle cells are at a high level of energy, they tend to work faster. That is why you get more work done when you lift heavy weights, but you also need them to be strong to do that. The reason for this difference is because it is important to maintain proper balance between an active muscle, called the “intramuscular muscle” that is important in running, and an inactive muscle, called the “glycogen stores”, in which glucose is stored for energy and to be used in recovery.

By working out your muscles with weights, you get a more balanced and powerful exercise program — which is another reason why you will gain more benefits.

The more your bodyweight goes down, the less your muscles will tire and your body will also be able to better utilize nutrients. The body works much faster while you are in a calorie deficit , which helps your body recover faster and fight against the disease process. You are able to have a better recovery because your body has to do less work, but still able to do it better than before the deficit has occurred.

It is very important to maintain health and strengthen your bones by exercising regularly. You can do this by doing various types of sports like basketball, running, swimming etc. to get an exercise program.

Once you engage in those type of activities a lot , you will be able to lose a great degree of fat and your bones will also get stronger. This means that you will be able to get a healthy, strong and lean body which will help you to be active, which will help you to lose weight much easier and you will also be able to stay fit.

There are a million ways in which you can keep your bones strong and healthy. Start from simple things like taking your time to walk around and going for long walks. You can also take a lot of care about your diet and eat well.