Why People Are Not Self-insufficient

If your parents gave you a “Get Out of Jail, free!” card, have you ever considered turning it on for today? Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you got out of prison and ran your own business? If this happens, I have news for you! Life will be beautiful.

If you ever ask a person how they went to jail, you must immediately inquire about them. If you ever ask a person how they are feeling, you should also immediately inquire about their heart. Do they feel at ease, or tense and afraid? In times of pain or joy, people have to find a way to express themselves.

People who are able to express their emotions are the happiest people on the planet. This is a fact that most are unaware of. 

It’s called empathy. It’s the ability to relate in a way that other people can understand you. It’s the ability to look inward and realize that one’s own fears or fears for someone else could be the same.  

If you have feelings about a person, it does not matter how old they are, how much money they have, or how many possessions they have. Your feelings will be the same if you ever ask someone how they are feeling. You don’t even have to know it yourself!

Once you realize that your feelings will be the same if you even ask them, the next step is to ask them. If you are able to, find out how they are feeling. Tell them you want them to tell you what they’re feeling. When you know what is going on in their hearts, you also know what to say. Ask them how they feel. Ask them if they are feeling tense or relaxed. If you can tell whether they are in pain or not, they can tell you what you should do to relieve their pain. The only difference between you and a person who is in pain is that you can actually feel it.

If you are able to empathize with someone who has experienced a tragedy or loss, find out what they are feeling. How are they doing? Do they feel like there is no hope, or are they doing okay? Are they happy, sad, frustrated? If they are happy, tell them. If they aren’t in pain, tell them.

How do you know if you empathize with someone? If you empathize with another person who says the words “I am going to die” or “I have cancer,” or “I have a stroke,” or “I have Alzheimer’s,” or “I lost my father,” or “I’m depressed,” or “I’ve felt really bad lately” … do you think of them in the same way? When you think about them like that, do they seem to you like they have a lot to say? Do you have the feeling that the pain they are feeling or the feeling of losing a loved one is similar to your pain? Or do you have the feeling that this person doesn’t feel that way? If so, you empathize very well.

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