Why Should We Give Up The Internet For Good?

When our bodies and minds are ill-matched, it is impossible to have the best possible digital lives. The internet can be extremely beneficial for certain people, but when our lives have become dependent on the internet, they are in danger of becoming outmoded.

Your internet-dependent days are numbered! That’s because the computer that was so exciting a few years ago has turned into a mere extension of your body, with little of the joys that once made the world go round. If we value the world of digital data that we spend so much time immersed in, there’s really no hope for change.

It is not that modern technology has changed dramatically. It is simply that all our lives are now so dependent on it. It is a world of constant interaction, with just about everything having to be controlled electronically.  And this dependence has given rise to certain obsessions that have crept into our digital lifestyles– obsessions that are leading to our complete social collapse.

We are slowly but surely falling into a world that is not only disconnected from life but from nature itself. For example, we are addicted to the internet. If you’re like me, you probably had a fairly good idea of just how dependent you were on technology for your life and happiness—and how great you thought that dependence was! But here’s the thing— your dependence on the internet is very real. You probably know just how many things you rely on your computer for, all day. For every five hours or so you spend checking your e-mail, you could get by with an hour or two to exercise or socialize, a whole lot of nothing.  For a lot of people, it is much more than that. We do actually need the internet to have a basic level of existence, just as we used to need sunlight to produce life.

And if we can get enough sunlight, a garden can bloom. In a perfect world, we might want to turn to the sun but this world doesn’t work that way. In my opinion, the only true way forward will be to take control of our lives and create life-affirming environments where we are not enslaved or dependent upon technology.

We have to learn to enjoy the sun and life again—and learn to find and use the pleasures of life without the technological addiction that has robbed us so so far. This world won’t last forever and it won’t be easy—but it can and will be done.

“I am the sum total of the human brain, the sum of the mental capabilities of all mankind. The sum of human memory equals the sum total of human knowledge in each generation. The sum total of human wisdom equals the sum total of human knowledge in each individual. The sum total of human happiness equals the sum total of human satisfaction in each individual.” – Thomas Sowell “You don’t have to be good; you just have to be willing to be useful.” – Thomas Sowell “People don’t want to pay for a vacation.” – Thomas Sowell “We are not going to get the world we are going to want.” – Robert H. Frank “My own view is that we are all going to die, so we better make the most of it. That’s what I really believe.” – Benjamin Abbott, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, “Life is not easy. The idea is wrong. It isn’t possible. It is an illusion. The whole thing is an illusion. Everything is an illusion. Everything. There is no such thing as truth, only illusions.” – Ben Stein, on how the media exploits tragedies to keep us looking for answers, not meaning, “I could live happily knowing that I will die tomorrow. Yet I will not. My life today is not my own.