Why So Many People Hate Exercise

The problem with exercise has always been that it has been viewed as a way to look good, and I don’t think many have given much credence to that. There is something about being out and about, exercising for an hour, day in day out, that makes you feel good, more than you have in years. And while you’re going through a little discomfort, you are still seeing the world, taking in the sights, hearing things that make you think, and just feeling that wonderful feeling of living life to the fullest.

A while back I made this video (it has been viewed over 4 million times) and wrote a post about why exercise is so great. That was way before I noticed that this video got over 40,000 shares a few days after it was posted with comments like these: It’s very interesting that you say you think exercise is a waste of time. Why do you think that? Do you think most people will make the same assumptions about exercise that you did? It is probably very true that many people spend too much time indoors and are not active outdoors. But the point is not that everyone should be active in the park, but that people should be active in any physical activity. People spend more than five hours of a week commuting and many people will go almost three days a week without even exercising. Exercise is essential for healthy living, whether it is walking a little more or walking a little less.

And so I can see why the assumption is that exercise is a waste of time. I would argue that it’s even worse than you could guess. We often have an idea about what exercise does for us, what it makes us want to do, but it is really a way of knowing ourselves better. Exercise can be the bridge between all of our different personalities, from the quiet one who wants nothing more than to disappear to the hyper-active one who wants to get the next task done and then go home. You never quite know where you might end up. So while it is true that, in addition to making us feel good, exercise helps us to stay healthy, it can also be used as a time to self-explore and explore other parts of ourselves – what might we like to discover? Is there something about the way I feel? Am I still a little bit shy? Am I more open now? Does my partner find me attractive? Is my work life making me feel inadequate? Do other people find me attractive? In a way, when we look at the ways we’re exercising ourselves, we are learning a lot about ourselves. And we should take advantage of that.

And so in our video I asked you to try using exercise to get some insight into your own personality. What did you get? I can’t remember the results in the end, I know it was a good time, but please leave a comment below with your answers.

What Is Exercise To The Person Who Isn’t Fit?

So the idea that exercise makes you feel bad comes from what you were thinking and feeling in the past as it was happening – the discomfort. Your emotions are not that different than the emotions you’re expecting to feel. When I am feeling angry, my mind is always focused on the present, which for me often means the moment before I felt that way. It’s easy to imagine what my emotions would be like if I did something completely different. You might get a good handle on how your emotions would change if you lost weight. For example, I’m going to lose weight because I’m feeling fat, but if I did, I believe that might bring out different emotions in me… angry. If you didn’t lose weight, the feelings of weight would still be there, but perhaps with a different intensity. This is what happens when you exercise – you are making changes in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior that reflect a new personality. And as with any personality change, some people feel uncomfortable – some might be a bit shy, some might start a bit more extroverted. People react to change by changing, and so if you exercise enough you might find yourself feeling like a new person.

I hope you feel like this person, and I encourage you to post a comment below with your feelings. We want to know your thoughts and feelings, so please feel free to ask me a question. And if there is something you want me to try or suggest, we can chat about it in the comments below, too.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you probably noticed that I’m all about getting away from the computer.