Why Some Things, Even Bad Ones, Happen To Others

We know that “bad things” happen to others even when we are not around.

When people see another person in need, they are more likely to help rather than to resist. We are social animals. But one of the things that happens to us all the time happens differently to people in different types of cultures. The fact is, no person is perfect. So what seems “good” to us may not be the best way for someone else to survive a stressful situation. So it may be important that we start thinking about these things. If we are not thinking about what is really best for someone else, then we are more likely to do the wrong thing.

So here are 3 things that may not seem “good” to others but are extremely important to humans. (These are in no particular order…)

1. There are two types of “right” or “evil” – one of which may seem very good but is actually very dangerous.

I have to be honest, the very first thing that came to mind for many, many readers who were reading this was “but what about the rich”. These are the people who can really afford to care for someone who is really hurting. 

I am very grateful that some rich people do try to save that life. I hope they do a really better job than I ever could, but I do know that these people are more likely to help someone if that person is in a really bad situation than they are if they just see another person in a really bad situation.

One thing this leads to is that when you know that they are on the edge of life or death, you have to try to do everything you can – you do not have to ask the rich people to “save” you any more than you would “save” a little dog. But what people don’t say is how much this may make them feel guilty and less motivated then they could be. It means they give a great deal of importance to things that are important to other people – such as the suffering of others – that in itself may feel like overkill.

2. People feel different about “bad things” than they do about good things.

When we think of bad things, we think of things that hurt. When we think of good things, we think of things that make us happy. But people are very different about their perceptions.

If a wealthy person saves a starving child from starvation, what does the rich person think about this? What does the starving child want, because that starving child is literally at risk of dying. What are the children’s thoughts on this? What do they know about starvation that would enable them to make decisions like this – without thinking of themselves?

So if a rich person was to give up all his or her fortune and give all that money away to starving children, what would the poor children think? In most cases, the rich people would not like it. They would want more.

The rich do not get a vote because we all know how the rich vote. Most rich people think that if you give all your money away, they will get all the money. They will get all of it – not a penny is taken out, not a cent is spent.