Why Stress Is A Killer

If nothing could kill us — or if we became immune from any and all pain — then what would make us miserable? The answer to that question is stress. The body needs stress to function right.

All human beings face the basic question of “Does it ever get any better?” It seems it must.

If we’re able to find happiness in the midst of suffering, it shows how we’re all linked. What a wonderful feeling — to be alive and have meaning in the midst of something terrible. That is one of the great joys of life, but it also has costs.

When you’re a stress addict, all stress becomes easier to accept. You can’t control what comes your way and neither do you have much control over how much you’re willing to take — and how much you’re able to withstand. You either deal with it, or you don’t. When you’re under stress, it’s the most important moment of your life.

When you’re under stress, your body gets in a frenzy trying to make up for an injury it didn’t cause. But what’s that doing in the first place? This is the body’s way of making up for something it had no part in causing (in this case the damage to your self-esteem) and of trying to give you some peace or meaning in the face of an existential crisis. It’s trying to make up for the fact that it’s a piece of crap and it should just go away. 

What happens when you stop taking in that pain? We all have a sense that we’re under some kind of psychological, psychological, or physical threat. But that anxiety is often something we can put down to our own delusions. It may be, but we’re far more likely to take in stress than we realize. Stressing isn’t just a threat to your mental health or sense of self, it’s a source of suffering for your body and your relationships.

How you cope with stress

In the midst of every struggle, there is always a moment or two — a few hours, or a few days. Those moments are a chance to breathe in, feel more calm, and take in the relief. As you settle on your approach and your actions begin to reflect the right mindset, that feeling of relief is there. But even with those moments of relief, there are still the stressors out there.

It’s almost impossible to take in all the stressors and still make enough decisions to deal with them to some degree — and still look like you’re making a difference, even if that’s just your gut feeling.

To a certain extent, you simply have to accept that stress is a fact of life. Sometimes you can only manage to do one thing right while trying to do another. Sometimes you’re stuck in a situation that’s beyond your control — and there’s nothing you can do about it, no way to change things around. Some days, when you feel miserable and hopeless, what you need is something to feel good about that can’t realistically be changed and there’s always a way to do something about it.

A great way to stay from the stresses of life is to be in control of your environment: to take in whatever happens, and take out the negative stressors. Make sure that your room and your belongings are tidy and that your relationships are healthy, and make sure your mind is in the right state of mind. When you are calm, your stress will stay at a bay.

But the other way to stay in control is to be in control of your own decision-making. If you’re in control of your decision-making, it’s easy to make a better decision, because you know what your options are. There is no doubt that the more confident you are in your choice when you’re making it in your life, the more you’ll be willing to follow through with it if the need for it arises.

When you’re under stress, it’s easy to make bad choices and be easily swayed by those that seem more attractive to you.