Why The Body Takes Time To Heal, But Health Always Returns

A lot of us are so focused on the now that we don’t have time to worry about what the day will bring. Time to listen to our bodies, and to pay attention to what we feel and do in moments of tension and stress. Because there is always a natural healing process in all things. I believe that when it seems like we are out of balance, we are taking the time to listen to our bodies, and heal the energy that is no longer serving us.

If you are ever worried about your health or your lifestyle, I would encourage you to just sit and take a moment, and take in what your body is saying. Take time with this. Think about how the body is communicating to you in certain places, and what energy you might be giving off when you do things in that area. Listen to it.

If you’re having too much anxiety, then what are you feeling? How is your body communicating to you in that area? Are you giving off energy there? Then maybe you just need to work more on being in harmony about what is going on inside, especially if it is something that you feel uncomfortable about.

It has to be more than just the moment of stress or worry. Maybe the source of the tension is somewhere outside the experience. You can’t just go to sleep, and think about it all night long. If you want to get through it, then you have to get a bit more than that. Maybe you need to get on with your day, or start a project so that you can get some rest.

There is no one way to cope with stress. It can happen to anyone, and it can happen to anyone. But it doesn’t have to be something that is impossible to deal with. Because it’s not impossible. It’s not a fight. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a natural part of being human. We can try to avoid it all day long, and we try to avoid the things that stress us out. But our bodies don’t care if we avoid them the way we want to. This is where the gift of mind-body work comes in: by being mindful, we can see that even if we’re having a difficult day, or something is causing us anxiety, when we are fully present in the moment, even when it feels like it’s trying to get rid of us, that is exactly what we need to see. We need to be able to see it. Because this is what you know as energy, if you look at it. This is what’s going on. So, if you notice energy, and you’re mindful, you can go and see it as it is. And it does feel better than doing it on your own.

Because what you see with your body may not appear the way it appears externally. Sometimes it feels more like a river flowing right through you, rather than something you’ve seen somewhere off in the distance. We can try not to see it as the way it appears. What does it mean to see it as the way it is? Well… you know the answer. It means that you’ve stopped trying to control it. Because there’s no right or wrong way to be. It is all in the moment. Everything that we think does not exist. What you don’t know until you don’t know can hurt you. But we can try to be aware of what goes on. And if we notice that we are not controlling our moods, our anxiety, our energy, and what we feel in our body, we can make a note. And if we notice that we have the capacity to do that, then we can change it.

It may feel to you that there is nothing you can do when your body tries to tell you something is wrong. But remember, it’s the body’s job to tell you. You do not have complete control over something you cannot see and touch. But there is strength in connection.