Why The Most Important Decision You Make Each Day Isn’t In The Name Of Money

You never know whether or not you’ll make that decision right. You also have no idea what you can accomplish.

We always need a reason. A reason to give up or to live life. We need reasons to keep trying. We need reasons to do what is right and what is brave. We need reasons to be ourselves and to trust ourselves. There are as many ways to justify our actions as we can imagine and as long as we have a mind and an intention, we can make things happen. We create our own destiny.

But sometimes that destiny does not feel so good. We don’t want to see the results. Or, if we do see those results, we don’t want to keep living according to them. We don’t like what we see. We don’t want to be the one who gave up. For this reason, we always need a reason – reasons for our action and reasons for our inaction. Our decisions may seem simple when we are making them, but they are made with a great deal of thought. We may make an action only to discover that the results are not what we thought they were. The reason was a figment of our imagination.

“The reason you love it or hate it, or hate it but love it, is always a great secret, hidden for a while behind the reason you loved it in the first place”.

– H.L. Mencken I sometimes read what people who think they have a great reason for something think and I often have doubts about some parts of their reason. I feel sorry when I read this. I feel as if they don’t know how to stop until they know how to stop. It is a lot of responsibility. “If you don’t give a reason, you don’t get a reason” is a mantra everyone seems to repeat when they want something so badly I feel sorry for them. People are so worried about their reasons that they can’t stop until they know how to stop. When will my reason change? The reason you love it or dislike it, or hate it but love it, is always a great secret, hidden for a while behind the reason you loved it in the first place.

Why do you like my new outfit? And why do you hate it? And what does it matter?

Well, you may have a great reason – a reason which you are not willing to give up if it means not living the life you really want. Your reason may be what makes your life beautiful, fun, healthy, or fulfilling. Why not be happy? Or, if you’re not happy, why do you want to go there? Why not keep your life in balance?

Your reason may also be why you’ve been doing things you know are wrong for so long, because you couldn’t give up – because if you did, you’d miss life or you’d experience more hardship than what you wanted. The important thing is that you have a reason, and if you have one, you need to understand it, to know it well, to accept it as fact, to know it as everything you have. If you don’t have a great reason for your actions and you know they are being hurtful or you know they are making you sad, do not do them.

“A great reason to do what may appear to you to be a bad thing may be your answer to your soul.”

– James Thurber

“Don’t do it for the sake of it. Don’t do it because it is a feeling you like. Do it because it is your duty. Do it because it is the thing you were made for.”

– J.