Why The World Needs A Revolution

The world needs a revolution, not so much because it needs new and more efficient ways of living, but because it needs to be completely reshaped to reflect a fresh new world.

I had always been fascinated by power, and the way it relates to everything in this world. My first love, and the one I still have the greatest fondness for, is the word revolution. I’ve always known that change can happen, but I had never seen the kind, steady march that the word revolution conjures up for me.

I have always looked for the world which would bring about a completely new paradigm, the kind in which the old conventions that we associate with civilization would cease to hold water, the idea of a world with no more laws and governments, no further restrictions on speech and thought, and a revolution in everything that we believed about the place of humans in the natural world.

As I began to read around the world and examine their societies, something amazing began to happen. These societies, from Africa to Asia to the Americas, came to look like every other society on the planet, a place where men and women live in harmony with each other, where they interact with the natural environment in an equal and just manner, and where they have enough knowledge, experience and intelligence to manage the environment in a way that was beneficial to themselves and to the environment.

This is the world that I dream of. I see a world where people live by the earth, and know what it takes to survive and thrive. I see a world where science and technology are an integral part of life, and they are not just used to manufacture more and more things to make people’s lives more comfortable, they are also used to better manage the planet, and to bring about a world that is sustainable in ways that will benefit humanity for generations to come. I can’t imagine a world where civilization crumbles, or with the emergence of new species that are at least as smart as human beings.

So it is the question of revolution: if this is the world in which we want to live, which brings us together and brings about great happiness for all involved, can those forces be gathered, and harnessed, and unleashed to bring about a new era?

If this world truly is possible, can it not be achieved?

I think the answer to this, is yes.

This revolution will come about not through a natural upheaval of the earth’s crust or through another comet strike. It will not come from the rise of a new political party or a revolution in religious dogma. It will not come from a natural disaster. I am not a religious person, but I will be very surprised to see something in my lifetime, a natural disaster that will cause the earth to completely shake. I could be totally wrong about this, but I would hope so.

I am saying this because, when I think of the way history plays out, the revolutions always seem to happen when we least expect them. They seem to come with a sudden, and terrible flurry of energy and change, and we have to deal with those events before they really become part of our lives, or are felt as such.

I think this will be the case in terms of the environmental revolution, and with the transformation of the economic system. The revolutions will begin by accident, when the earth’s crust moves, or when a comet collides with or disintegrates the earth. The revolutions always happen when the environment is changing, or when new technology is put in motion to transform it. They are not designed; they follow, and sometimes come as a sudden shock to the person who believes in civilization, or the man who lives by the earth.