Why We Can’t Be Perfect If We Never Start

There have never been perfect, perfect people, and therefore the world is a place where most are not living up to their potential. The key to being well is not how well we do but how well we imagine we can accomplish. When we imagine ourselves doing better, we will be more successful. When we imagine ourselves doing worse, we will be poorer.

We all aspire to be perfect. In the sense that we don’t want to be worse off in life than we are now. What about the world beyond our dreams? Here is where the question lies. Why is it we are more likely to be miserable in our dreams of the perfectionist world if we never tried to be perfect ourselves? Let’s find out why our dreams don’t fit in with reality.

For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that you don’t want to be unhappy in your life if it is a dream. Also, for the sake of the argument, I am ignoring the value in being fulfilled; that is why I am limiting this to dreams about perfection. That’s why we can always make things more perfect later. I am focusing on one aspect of the dream that has always been important to me, which is that I am not a bad person, and that I can be better.

It always amuses me to see people who claim they are the exact opposite – for example, a friend told me that he is one of the nicest people I will ever meet. How can he be a negative person if he is positive about his positive qualities? Why can’t he be more negative? And finally, why can’t he admit he is wrong after making a huge deal about being exactly the opposite – a negative person that actually is a positive person just with a more positive outlook? It seems like everyone is a little bit right, and so we must be right about every little thing in our lives. It’s just that every little thing is the opposite of a perfect, perfect person.

I will attempt to explain why what we want to be is not what will be for us. If you are thinking about this, read on…

So why are we happier when we are less happy in the first place? It has to do with our expectations.

We will be happier and achieve more because we have expectations. We are more likely to be unhappy because we have expectations based on false premises. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but it does make sense. When you imagine you are a perfect person, you are more likely to be that way. Your expectations are false and therefore not accurate and you will be unhappy when you meet more of them than you anticipate.

This will be a recurring theme throughout the coming paragraphs, but I think you are just starting to get it now. For now let’s try to make sense of it.

We create our own reality

We are all trying to create our own reality. We are all constantly creating our own reality, but are it realistic? We can decide if our reality is realistic. We can decide if what our reality is in fact realistic. We can decide if what our reality is based on is realistic.

Why do we have to assume that our reality is reality? Why does reality have to be reality and everything else can be a dream of perfection or something to strive towards?

In my mind, if the world of a dream is a very different thing from reality, then the world of our dreams can never actually be real in the sense that we know it to be now. It is a dream in the sense that it is a reality, though an unreal, unreal reality. We are always trying to create our own reality.

We all have an inherent desire to be the best, the happiest and most successful, but we don’t always want that to be real. We have to be realistic about our wants and desires. We have to know that the real world will not be able to fulfill or fulfill them.