Why We Can’t Believe That Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

Most people think they’ve achieved the life they want, and can’t believe how “wrong” that is. The video provides some interesting insights into why we don’t believe happiness is around the corner, and how we can avoid being disappointed.

To me, happiness is when I am at my most comfortable, focused, excited about things I can control and excited about what I’ve accomplished and where it’s all taking me. That’s when I feel most positive and at peace. I know a lot of people don’t experience that anymore; they’re looking for that “perfect life” right now, they’re getting bored, unhappy and feel like they really don’t have what it takes to have their own life. But, let’s say you’re still looking for it.

Let’s say you’re one of those people who is constantly looking for “the one” (who isn’t looking for “the one” yet themselves), who is desperate to have the perfect relationship, the perfect relationship that makes them more content and happier, or the perfect family. This sounds appealing when there’s money to be made, but not necessarily so when there are many other factors to consider. There’s a lot of people who spend time on facebook constantly searching for what’s supposed to be the perfect spouse or perfect partner. They look at photos of someone who looks like them and they’re convinced that it’s the one and that no one else might be as perfect as them.

So often in life, if a person thinks they had their perfect life, there’s always something that stops them right from getting what they’re looking for. They may get into a relationship they don’t truly want, end up having kids and then find themselves disappointed and unhappy about their kids, not to mention how there’s always that perfect relationship waiting in the wings…

There’s always that perfect relationship waiting in that perfect person right in front of us. We’re always chasing our perfect match, but never get to see it. I’m sure we’re all jealous of our “perfect” friends, because we always wish we could live the life they lead.

It’s OK to want that life, but remember: even if you think you have your perfect life, it might be over 10,000 times better than the life you have right now. There are things about it that might hurt you or turn out differently, so keep that in mind.

I don’t want people to be disappointed by watching any of that, so if I’ve made it difficult for you with that, go watch something else!

So, to go back to my original point, you might think you have the perfect life that’s perfect for you right now. That’d mean you have everything you want right now (maybe not, but for now you think it is). Think of the happiness you want, but do you want it for yourself? If you’re happy with the things you have now, who do you want to be, your kids or your life long partner?

A lot of people say, “I want to live the life I always wanted”. Well, if you want to live the life you always wanted with your ex or whoever, then good for you. That’s an awesome life to lead! But be honest with yourself, and look at which goals in life feel more rewarding to you right now.

For example: maybe you want to travel abroad, do things to help your family, but all of your goals in life right now make doing these things feel more enjoyable to you than living a simple, peaceful, loving life in your own hometown. Maybe it’s time to think about priorities.

There’s a lot of research out there on this; a ton of studies have been done on this topic because of the fact that we’re not good at living the life we want, we’re bad at finding the right life, and we’re bad at remembering what our most important goals are.