Why We Can’t Help But Love Everyone (even Those We Hate)

The love we show someone we dislike can be as powerful and powerful as love shown to someone we love.

If you hate someone, take the time to appreciate them for what they bring into your life. When we feel misunderstood or even wronged, we want to prove everyone wrong. We can do this by taking time to love someone, even if they make our hearts bleed. If you love other people, you will always have other opportunities for connection. And if you don’t love someone, you can always find someone to love, even if they make you feel unwelcome. Just remember to focus on them for what they actually are, and they will show their true colors later.

We all have limits, and we all must honor them. 

When someone brings a limit to your life, remind yourself that you are not your limit. And if you are, you are worth loving and respecting.

When someone limits our ability to do something, remind yourself that we all have potential. If we only think of the limit as a thing, we are missing many of the possibilities it opens up.

When an opportunity is denied us, remind yourself that our life is limited. And if we only look at the end result, we are missing out on all of its potential.

If someone is constantly telling us we’re flawed or broken, remind yourself that if we want to keep going, we need to stop thinking that we’re broken. And stop living on self-imposed limitations.

This is a big one. We all make these mistakes at one time or another. It’s not something that can be ignored, but it can be dealt with. 

When we get into the habit of believing we are flawed or broken, it can be crippling because it prevents us from being who we truly are. We start thinking we’re a waste, and we start avoiding things that might challenge our beliefs. This is a big reason why many of us stay stuck, unhappy, and dissatisfied. It can put a terrible burden on our shoulders, and it’s a very, very bad place to be. So remind yourself that you really are beautiful, perfect, wonderful, good, and you are worthy of love. 

Remember this. Whenever you’re tempted to avoid something because you think you’re not good enough or that you need to fix something, remember that you are beautiful, worthy, loved, and just want nothing more than to show others this: You’re good at this. You’re deserving of these things. And this is why it’s important to love for the sake of love, so we can show someone we’re deserving of what they show us.  

When someone’s limitations make you feel bad, remind yourself that that isn’t you or who you want to be. Remember that you don’t need to change anything, you’re okay how you are. You aren’t broken because you’re imperfect. You just need to feel loved. 

Here’s an exercise I do with my clients: 

I often tell them to tell me what they feel bad about. 

Often, the client comes forward saying they felt bad when they were told to go home late or to do less homework for school. 

So if someone makes you feel bad, think: 

What’s making YOU feel bad?  

Do you think there can be more to it? 

Maybe the parent is not a good role model? 

This kind of self-awareness isn’t something that comes overnight. Instead, it’s something that requires deep reflection and awareness. This is a great start.

And that’s all I’ve got for today’s post. 

Thanks for reading, see you next week! 

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