Why We Do Not Exercise Because We Are Hungry, Or Not Enough, Or Too Stressed Or Frustrated

Your body may be giving you a signal to start exercising, but you are simply not sufficiently motivated yet.

For most of us, we need to work toward weight loss. But you and I don’t need to be told that, or told to exercise, or that exercise is the key to weight loss. You don’t need to be pressured to do the exercise to lose weight. If you choose to, do it because it is the right thing to do, not just because you are bored; you can still be in a good fitness level if you are not working out.

If you choose to exercise, make it a habit. If you feel stuck and stuck, just walk to the gym. (If you don’t work out, you will not lose weight).

I know that this is a hard lesson. Most of the time at least your body will tell you the answer.

Why We Exercise

The reasons listed below fall under 2 subcategories:

1. The Physical Reasons – We exercise because…

a) We are trying to keep ourselves in a healthy weight (I will add to this list as I learn more)

b) We want to be healthier

c) We are motivated, and we want to be doing something for ourselves and those around us – not just because someone tells us to.

2. The Social Reasons – We exercise because…

a) We want to improve our image

b) We just like other people

c) We want to be more open to seeing other people.

When I think of the reasons, the most important ones are 1 & 2.

The Physical Reasons – 1. Most of us, no matter what their weight or background, are just plain lazy. Our motivation comes from outside, from the idea of gaining something good for ourselves, the fact that life is not always easy. We can be motivated, and that motivation comes from within.

2. In most of the world – as in westernized countries – it is easier to work out than, say, going to the gym. We do not have to be afraid, and the environment is not likely to be so restrictive. 

3. Most people in our world have an extremely limited life expectancy – and their bodies usually don’t work very well at reaching a healthy weight. 

4. We have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily, and that is a good thing to get rid of (it is one of the first steps to becoming motivated, and that is an example of a positive feeling that we should try to cultivate).

This is not a criticism, it is just facts (in case you don’t believe them yet – but don’t worry – I know that you are here to read!).

The Social Reasons

There are other reasons that we need to motivate ourselves to exercise. For example…

a) We enjoy being active, because a) we like seeing how healthy others are, and b) we like seeing how healthy we feel on a regular basis.  For example, most people who work out at the gym do it for health reasons.

b) We enjoy being social – and because socializing is such a good (and fun) way to enjoy ourselves, even if everyone is overweight, many people are not.

c) We exercise for our mental health, which is very important, and it is very important especially for people in stressful or unhealthy job situations. 

In other cases there may be other reasons, but they only make sense if we consider 1) and 2).

To summarize… 

When you exercise, you are trying to motivate yourself to exercise, and that is the very first step you must make in order to gain the benefit of exercise. 

When you work out, you are motivated because you are trying to improve the health and well being of yourself and those around you, and your motivation usually comes from within (I will discuss more on motivation in part 3).