Why We Don’t Sleep

Some people sleep because they are stressed over school. Some sleep because they are bored. Some sleep because they are anxious. You are not in control of your sleep. You can only take it as it comes. There is no magic pill to put a stop to a hangover.

You can’t change what you do not understand. You can think it is going to work in the short run when it doesn’t. In the long run it often leads to disastrous results. Many people are living lives of constant anxiety from not sleeping for lack of sleep or simply because they do not understand why they do not sleep. In fact, many people are sleeping for the wrong reasons, not sleeping because they are not tired but because they are unhappy and do not want to be with anyone. A majority of people are sleeping for a reason and it is most likely not because they are tired. In fact, people who sleep well tend to have higher self-esteem. They want to be happy, to not be unhappy, which is a huge part of happiness. They sleep better, feel better, and are more productive. In fact, just because people are sleep deprived, they can still perform well. Most likely they do sleep less because they are afraid of sleeping or because they are not happy with their situation and what they are doing with their lives but the good thing is they are not sleeping to escape the world. It is more likely that they are sleeping because they are tired. In order to be happy, if you do not sleep, you cannot function to your full potential and you will eventually be miserable. People who sleep well are the ones who are content with themselves. They do not wish to be more successful or happier. You are in control of your sleep.

What is Your Life Worth If You Are Not Sleeping?

There is no magic pill you can take to sleep. When you are not sleeping, you are not productive or happy and in fact, it may cost you the most thing in the process: Your energy. How do you want to live now that your mind is off? If you are sleeping well, then you are happier and you sleep more. You live a full life, are well rested and not stressed because your mind has something to do. You have more energy, you are more productive, and you do more things for yourself, your friends, family, and even for the world. If your life is not being lived correctly, if you are not happy and not productive then your life is missing a lot of valuable components. As you live your life, do you have enough energy to fulfill your dreams and desires? This is true for everyone. If you feel tired, stressed, restless, bored, angry, or frustrated then your entire life is missing that something most of us want: happiness. You want to be productive and happy. You want to have the energy to accomplish goals. But the reality is most of us don’t have money to go out for fun and have a good time if we don’t sleep. So most of us make sure that we are not sleeping well by not getting enough hours of sleep to fully function properly. In the same manner as you are going to have the energy to get a job or an education if you have a healthy brain , your energy and your mind will have ample energy to get you ready for the life you want to live in.

It is impossible to have a healthy brain if you only get 5 hours of sleep!

A small change in your sleep environment of a half hour will take off 10 hours off of how long you think you sleep!

Here is an example :

If you are sleeping 8 hours a day, then you think you are sleeping 8 hours. That is not happening, yet you know it is happening. It is not like that, because the sleep you are getting is not actually 8 hours. It is only 8 hours, plus or minus 5 hours, from the amount you are giving your body during the day.

You are sleeping for less sleep when you are not having a problem. If you are sleeping well, you are happier and you sleep more. You live a full life!

Sleep, or your “mind wandering”, is more than one more thing. It is another part of you, your thoughts, feelings, and emotional state. You may think your sleeping is not good and you feel sleep deprived, but you must remember that your sleep is not bad, not bad at all, it is better than what you could be living if you were not sleep deprived. Your brain is still in “rest” so it has energy to perform the functions it needs to perform, without being constantly tired by your busy day. You are not sleeping in a cave, you are taking the same precautions as you would take to keep your personal safety.