Why We Fear The Deep

It’s not just that it’s dark, it’s that we have a fear of the deep. We feel that we cannot live without it, that in order to survive on this planet, we must understand it. The truth is that for most of our history, we have not.

There is a feeling that goes around and around within us, a feeling of being in a cocoon of the sea. Something we don’t like but that we have no other option but to have it. When we get out of the ocean all of a sudden we wake up and realise that life itself is an amazing thing. That life exists outside of our bodies, and that our bodies aren’t the only thing that makes us humans. A person that has lived in a state of being on the shore of their own world, is more valuable than a person from a different world, because it allows them the ability to appreciate every facet of the world we are living in.

When we can actually accept what we are, and live it out, you are free. When you can accept, understand, feel, experience and understand the world around you, and your own unique place in it, you are truly yourself. In that way it does help you make your own decisions. And in that way you will be able to make the best decisions.

I would rather have a decision making guide to help get me to where I am now with my life, because I can choose what I want right here, this moment. What I want to know is what are you going to choose for yourself right now? How are you going to choose to act? Is it going to give you the direction you need to get where you are going? It doesn’t make sense to go down the wrong roads. We need to choose where we are going, if we want to be where we want to be.

The fact that we only ever have one chance to make a decision or a move, has to do a lot with the fact that we’re so conditioned to always do what we’re told, because that’s what society and the government do. But I’m here to say just like when we are born, we have a one chance, and you have a one too. No matter if you’re a millionaire or a working mom, you have one shot to make that choice.

The choice you make is going to affect the lives of many. How you make that decision, and the type of human you become, is entirely the outcome but I just want to share with you that this choice affects all living beings. Every living being across this planet has this choice to take that one shot to make that choice, or to look around and realise that they didn’t have to make such a hard decision to start over with all of the consequences that come with it.

In the end they are going to be more than happy that they made the wrong choice. I really don’t care about the consequences of our decisions, I want everyone who lives to be happy. I want the world to grow.

So don’t be scared of it, if you choose to stop worrying and accept your self. If you choose to make that choice, then that’s completely normal. You have one choice of the future, and it’s totally yours if you make it.