Why We Find It Hard To Learn Any New Stuff

We learn best when we can just make small attempts at a task and see how we feel about it afterward. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to have a good memory – you just need to have a sense of effort.

Learning is best when we work on something that we enjoy. We are creatures of habit and we are lazy, so we tend to fall back on the tried-and-true things that we’ve done before, the well-loved. And so most people end up making their life up as they go along, as best as they can without knowing when they made a mistake.

Most people are more comfortable with “old ideas”. Even when they’ve found a new way of doing something, you’ll see it’s as though old habits have re-inforced themselves and become an ingrained part of their subconscious. To break this habit you need to make a decision to break the old path; and then have the strength to stick with your decision.

Your choices have consequences, and your decisions can be difficult to manage at first – and you may feel like there is no option at all. But in time you will feel more confident that the things that you’ve been working on, are what you really want.

Learning, learning in small increments, doesn’t seem so much effort. But it’s the kind that takes constant attention and focus. You become very comfortable with these new little experiments, and with the “failure” of failure. (But you should always be able to get back up again!)

Most of us learn best when we learn from the people who already know something rather than starting from scratch. This kind of learning is very much like the learning that happens during language acquisition, or in the art of making a cup of coffee. You can make coffee on your own, but if you are good at it you’ll have that knack down in no time. Or in the process you’ll end up with a better cup of coffee.

Learning is much more like learning from a trusted confidante. There is no shortcut, and if you do things the wrong way then you will lose your progress.

Remember that the most important aspect of learning is persistence. You must try, be persistent, and accept that you are not going to do everything perfectly at first. The most successful people are most successful both because of persistence and because they trust it.

One of the most common mistakes in people is giving themselves a hard time, feeling they must be perfect. That can’t be allowed to keep you from becoming the best. When you feel your skills are lacking, just focus on learning something new.

“We have no right to judge the worth of a nation until such time as the nation has earned its right.” –Thomas Jefferson

The truth is, it is a lot like anything else in life, and a lot can change in a week. But when it comes down to it… the value of learning and being learning comes down to your ability to focus. This is why you must put forth the effort, and that’s how you create new knowledge about the world around you.

There is a saying that ‘the mind is the only substance we use up’. This applies to learning a new skill as much for its own sake as for the results that it brings. We have long known that studying for long enough is just as good as cramming, but it can be hard to know when to stop studying.

In the olden days, it wasn’t uncommon to just get up a little earlier every day, and do a little work during the day. It wasn’t uncommon to not take classes outside of the basic one – you had to go to school to learn.