Why We Get Away With Lying

How can you resist lying? It seems everyone lies when we take the time to think, which makes me wonder if lying actually has many real benefits over the long term. Is it better for our bodies and for our emotions that we give the lie than tell the entire truth? There are times when we should be forthright with others about our life story, or we can simply choose what is in our best interest and let it all out. I think the ability to communicate honestly is a vital sign of maturity, and it can be a tool to empower others to help themselves and others.

The greatest lie of all time is the lie when you tell yourself that you are so special. I’m not here to tell you I’m so awesome I deserve anything I want. I’m here to tell you that no matter how hard you work at your career or how many sacrifices you make, you deserve your happiness and worth. I’m here because I’ve experienced this first hand, and I know my story should be told too. I know how amazing I am, and I know a lot of people can relate to me, and I know I have so much potential I want to give to the world, but no one can do it for me. I must fight this battle alone… If I’m never truly loved and supported, my happiness will never be complete. So, why do the average people lie too? A lot . When I get up in the morning, before I start my work day and during my lunch hour or evening meal, there’s the lie I tell myself in order to feel comfortable and secure. But the truth? I am not that special. I’m a human being who deserves respect. And I also deserve to eat healthy, enjoy being with friends, and be healthy in general. The best way I can express those concepts is through the lies I tell myself.

What is the lie I tell myself so I can feel like I deserve a successful life? I am a hard worker. I deserve a good job. I must be dedicated to my career to be successful. But what if I hate my job? The truth is I am happy if my job helps others. When I work hard, I enjoy the work I do. The joy of working with my peers gives me a rush I can’t describe, and makes my day fun. I believe when a person is able to find what makes them happy in the work they do, they are able to be honest about their life and themselves. I am proud to be employed! In all honesty, a job makes you feel powerful. Every paycheck I receive is a slap on the face to the people who have worked for me over the years. I will fight for those who have helped make it possible for me to succeed.

The truth is I have a lot of things to do before I can feel fulfilled. There is the lie about the family life to make sure I don’t neglect my family. There is the lie about where my life lies in the future to make sure I don’t disappoint my future children and grandchildren. There is the lie that I can support myself, my family, and the world without needing to constantly depend on others. It feels like I am working 24 hour a day but I’m never really working hard, and that’s the lie I tell myself about the real work I do.

The biggest lie I tell myself is the lie that I am not in a relationship which makes me feel unworthy. It is also the lie that makes me feel guilty that I am single… I know what it feels like to be single, and I still hate myself and wonder if there’s even enough time in the day to get myself to my next date with a nice guy who will appreciate me. Sometimes I feel desperate to meet the right guy and I’ll put on pressure-free makeup and makeout with a man I just met and hope he will like me. But then he’ll tell me that I’m not his type and we’ll both look like total slobs after the date if I don’t get busy. Or I will meet someone who likes me, but don’t know how to take me. But if I’m single now and I don’t know how to be in a relationship, I can just wait for someone to come along and fall for me.

And that’s the lie I tell myself about dating and relationships. I will wait for someone else to fall in love with me. There’s only so much I can do to be with someone that loves me back.