Why We Have To Stop Doing Things To Hurt Ourselves

Instead of doing things that hurt our bodies, which can result in injury, we should focus on using the body to its fullest capabilities. This often requires we stop doing things to hurt our bodies…

Our bodies are machines and should have many purposes. They work for us to bring food and drink to our mouths, fight diseases, be our eyes and ears and protect us from danger. They have the greatest strength in moving and doing. They can only make up for what they lack in strength by making up for what they lack in agility in movement. They only need to be adjusted to our individual needs. But most importantly, our bodies should never be harmed. When a person is hurting themselves, even slightly in one of the thousands of ways they do so every single day, they need to be guided by a therapist, a doctor and a medical professional (usually a physician, but sometimes a physical therapist) to address the problem. The problem is that our self control is severely lacking. Instead of doing things that hurt themselves in various ways all the time, the body naturally shuts down and will do nothing more but lie in position for hours, if they are still alive at all. When they are not at full energy it means that the body has begun to go into a state of depression. This can sometimes take months or even years for the body to fully heal after the injury. You are the owner of your body and if you have injuries, you are responsible for them. There’s no way around it and no sense in making excuses. Sometimes, like with my hands, I have to work them like mad to get around.

What this means is that we need to find the balance between using our bodies in the way its designed and to learn to protect our bodies through physical means; be that through physical exercise, learning sports to help develop our physical health or learning the skills to protect our safety and protect ourselves from injury. Physical health is not as simple as it appears to us.

“The body is not your friend and therefore never was and never will be.” -Eddie Murphy “It is possible for men to love each other’s bodies, and it is possible for women to enjoy the bodies of men. This is a choice that both men and women must make. Men who want and appreciate women’s bodies must be willing to accept women’s bodies for who they are.” -Jodi Picoult The last thing we need to worry about is ourselves. And I mean, beyond worrying about our health and getting all our injuries out there to be seen. We also need to worry about not inflicting them on others, especially if that others may be hurt by us. This is where mental health comes into play. If you feel the need to hurt others to help you feel better, you need support and counseling. You need to seek it. Many people who choose to do this are never able to heal themselves, and need counseling to cope with the mental anguish it creates. I don’t advocate this type of behavior, but I do encourage people willing and able to do this to seek out a therapist. Sometimes it is helpful. And don’t feel ashamed as you heal; everyone needs support and help when they are healing themselves. That is what mental illnesses really are, mental issues that are more than symptoms of physical health problems. They are more like diseases, especially when they cause pain, loss of health or even death. If you feel that you can help your body to heal but you don’t want to hurt yourself, there are lots of other options and techniques available than just physically hurting yourself and putting yourself in pain. There’s mental training to do, healing from food intolerances and even physical exercises to help strengthen our mental health. You only need to ask a doctor or a therapist or someone who actually cares about you what your specific needs and wants are and find the appropriate way to address those.

“When we give up control of our health, we give up control of our lives.” -Mark Hyman & Richard Davidson “Healthy people are able to make rational decisions about the decisions they make.”-Richard Davidson And even though your body is going to tell you when you are ready, it is not a perfect system. Sometimes you will make choices that are not in your best interest. Or you might feel bad about your behaviors and your physical health might take a negative turn. You never know what life will bring you. We are a very complex animal. When we give up control of the choices we make, we give up control of our health. It is not only a matter of health…

We have to learn how to take care of ourselves if we are to take care of others. It is an idea that may sound a bit more foreign than it really needs to be. It is certainly more complex than you may think and very personal.